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Chapter 175: Top-tier World, Above the Gods

Anticipating that Lian Shuxue might reveal some secrets, Ye Changge paid attention to the expressions of everyone here.

He was very sure that when Lian Shuxue revealed the wonders of the world and the potential of the top-tier world, Sect Leader Ding and the others had already understood.

They must have thought of the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar as well.

However, as expected of an old fox, both of them remained calm.

Ye Changge also began to cast a spell in secret to prevent the people outside the domain from noticing the expressions of the Hidden Edge Sect.

In Lian Shuxue’s next introduction and elaboration, Ye Changge learned more information.

Existences above small worlds were the so-called great worlds.

Among these worlds, there were usually very strong existences.

In these worlds, although Great Emperors were rare, it was not that there were none.

However, those great worlds had existed for far longer than the Heavenly Mortal World. The number of Great Emperors that had appeared was about the same as the Heavenly Mortal World.

This was also the main reason why the Blood Flame Sect and the strength behind them tirelessly came looking for trouble in the Heavenly Mortal World.

In the great worlds, the most powerful existences were even at the level of gods.

For example, the Luo Mountain World’s sector lord, he was also a god-level existence.

Hearing this, Ye Changge had a certain understanding of his own strength in this universe.

The god-level existence could become the world’s lord.

And his few disciples were so extraordinary, with the system’s support, there would be even more god-level existences in the future.

As such, the strength and potential of the Heavenly Mortal World were terrifying.

“Great worlds usually have their own factors, so the cultivation methods they specialize in are different.”

“For example, the Mountain Martial World that the Venerable Jiayu is in is very good at cultivating the body.”

“And our Luo Mountain World specializes in all kinds of arrays and restrictions.”

“If you are interested in the cultivation methods of the various worlds, why don’t you come over to our place and take a look, Emperor? The realm lord will definitely welcome you.”

Ye Changge nodded indifferently, not commenting.

The people here did not know that his true strength had already reached the god-level.

With the special bonus from the system and the fact that he could sign-in at the mountains in the Luo Mountain World, that realm lord probably would be no match for him.

But at this time, he had already shown the influence of the Hidden Edge Sect.

Everything had to be stable.

What he had to come into contact with now was a larger area, with more powers and stronger opponents.

Ye Changge would not reveal too many of his trump cards at this time.

“Finally, the highest level world that we

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