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Chapter 180: Tidying Up and Cultivating, Reactions From All Walks of Life

“Whether it’s my defense or the Heavenly Mortal World’s defense, both can be improved.”

In the future, the enemies he encountered would become stronger and stronger. It was very necessary to improve the world’s defensive measures.

As for the Hidden Edge Sect, with the protection of the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven, it could be said to be foolproof.

“What is this monstrous Devil Flame?”

Satisfied, Ye Changge continued to check his reward.

It had to be said that the abundance of rewards this time had greatly increased his strength.

A burst of extremely hot black flame appeared around Ye Changge.

It looked like a black armor that was surrounding him.

The transparent flame appeared powerful, but it also revealed something strange.

“This flame seems to be able to burn without consuming anything material.”

According to Ye Changge’s senses, the monstrous demonic flame seemed to be able to use negative emotions as fuel.

Naturally, he thought of a method to control this flame. Ye Changge began to experiment with the various functions of this flame.

Whether the power of the flame was strong or not, with his will, it could cover a very, very far range.

Moreover, this flame could absorb various negative energies to increase its power.

The power of the successive rewards were all extraordinary. Ye Changge could not wait to start looking at the rest of the things.

Eye of Disruption, a pale golden gem.

It was a special magic treasure.

After Ye Changge refined the Eye of Disruption, he quickly became familiar with its power.

He gained a new type of perception.

He looked around, and the spiritual energy floating in the air clearly appeared.

“This is not bad. In the future, illusions and other mind-deceiving attacks will have a much reduced effect on me.”

At this moment, Ye Changge’s eyes were extremely gorgeous. There seemed to be all kinds of strange flashes of light within them.

That showed that the Eye of Distruption was being activated.

“Looks like Li Tianci is indeed special. The reward he received from accepting this disciple is also related to seeing through the illusion.”

This type of ability was usually possessed by powerful legacies of the righteous path.

And as a devil cultivator, Li Tianci was actually skilled in similar divine abilities.

“Devil… because he understands the illusion, it’s easier for him to see through the illusion.”

After commenting, Ye changge continued to inspect the spoils of war.

[Life Force Technique of All Living Things] was an extremely powerful technique.

Those who cultivated this technique could obtain almost unlimited vitality.

When Ye Changge carefully examined the ability of this technique, even with his current strength, he couldn’t help but sigh to himself.

This technique was too powerful.

After cultivating it, he cou

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