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Chapter 190: Star Cluster City

Ah Hu stared blankly at the lightning that kept flashing outside the ship. When the first bolt of lightning struck, he was scared half to death.

If such a thick lightning bolt was struck him, there would probably not even be ash left.

What followed made him instantly lose the ability to think.

Thousands of lightning bolts emerged from every corner of the clouds, crazily bombarding the flying ship!

After a moment, he recovered from his daze. He subconsciously touched his face. He was still alive!

He was actually still alive!

Oh heavens!

He suddenly became excited. That was the most spectacular thing he had ever seen in his life!

This senior being was simply too amazing!

At this moment, he wished that he could kneel down and worship him. He had really hit the jackpot!

“Ah Hu.”

His voice came from the carriage. Ah Hu quivered and respectfully said, “Yes, I am here!”

“Show me the demonic technique you Practice.”

Ah Hu, who was already adept, felt overjoyed. Senior’s words revealed no doubt that he was giving pointers.


He suppressed the excitement he felt and took out a demon core, handing it over with both hands.

Ye Changge took the demon core, and carefully examined the things recorded in it.

That cultivation technique was a very ordinary technique.

Ye Changge took a rough look, and understood that this cultivation technique was an ordinary technique. It required the use of very little moonlight power to cultivate oneself.

The demon race cultivated in a myriad of transformations, and at the same time, the power of the stars was their forte.

However, not all demon cultivators could cultivate all the power of the stars.

Many demon cultivators did not have strong perceptive abilities, or they did not have enough affinity with a particular star.

Hence, this kind of demon technique that only cultivated a small portion of the power of the stars surfaced.

Ye Changge checked his cultivation method while he began to understand Ah Hu’s cultivation situation.

This was also one of the ways to understand this world.

“Your cultivation method is too ordinary and is not suitable for your cultivation.”

“I will give you a cultivation method that is suitable for you.”

With Ye Changge’s current divine level of cultivation, he could easily deduce a cultivation method that was suitable for Ah Hu.

Not only was the level better than the previous cultivation method, but it was also more suitable for him.

After all, Ye Changge was directly deducing based on Ah Hu’s current situation.

Such preferential treatment was not something that an ordinary person could enjoy.

When Ah Hu saw the demon core that Ye Changge threw back, he was completely stunned.

The cultivation method inside had undergone a large number of modifications.

Even before cultivating, he already understood that this cultivation method wa

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