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Chapter 170: Heavenly Star Emperor!

As Yu Tianxing’s words rang out, the entire Heavenly Mortal World was shocked.

Because even from tens of thousands of meters up in the sky, her words were heard by everyone.

Emperor! Return to the Emperor Realm!

“What? What did she say? Emperor Realm?”

“Did I hear wrongly? The female cultivator guarding the Heavenly Mortal World is an Emperor?”

“Returning to the realm of an Emperor? Does that mean she has fallen from the realm?”

“Who is a female Emperor in the Heavenly Mortal World?”

“That’s impossible. The first Emperor to appear in so many years is the Hidden Edge Emperor. The previous Emperors should have died of old age.”

“So you’re saying that the one above is lying?”

Such arguments appeared everywhere in the Heavenly Mortal World.

Not only the mortals, but the cultivators were also shocked.

A long time ago, there had never been a time when two Great Emperors existed in the Heavenly Mortal World at the same time.

Now, not only was there a Great Emperor, but there was also another Great Emperor, which directly shattered the worldview of countless cultivators.

Heavenly Star City.

“My god! What does the Heavenly Star Great Emperor mean? She has returned to the Great Emperor Realm?”

Gong Feifan cried out in surprise, but no one paid him any attention.

“Fifth ancestor? Fifth ancestor?”

He turned around to check on the fifth ancestor, only to find that the fifth ancestor was in a daze.

When Gong Feifan saw this scene, his heart inexplicably ached.

Different from his generation, the people of the fifth ancestor’s generation had a deeper affection for Heavenly Star City.

While the great ancestor and the others were refining evil techniques to devour the family’s bloodline, the power of Heavenly Star City was decreasing year by year.

The fifth ancestor and the others, who were kept in the dark, had been working hard to maintain the power of their families.

The amount of effort they had put into Heavenly Star City was not something that an ordinary person could understand.

However, Heavenly Star City, which lacked top-tier experts, could not hide its decline even with the power of the Emperor Artifact, the Heavenly Star Seal.

The news of Heavenly Star Emperor’s reincarnation had not been confirmed. Many forces were mocking the people of Heavenly Star City again.

The fifth ancestor and the others were under a lot of pressure.

Now, the tables had turned.

“Don’t worry, fifth ancestor. Heavenly Star City will definitely regain its glory.”

Hearing the words of comfort, the fifth ancestor finally came back to his senses.

“Sigh, we’re too weak. We actually need Heavenly Star Emperor to personally restore our glory. How unfilial.”

In the sky, tribulation clouds quickly gathered.

The powerful aura and pressure made it hard for the spectators outside the World Barrier to breathe.

“Did I hear w

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