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Chapter 183: Yuwen Hongfang’s Battle Shocked the World

“Ever since I started to make up for my shortcomings, I’ve been dying of old age.”

“Over the years, four Emperors have died at my hands.”

“I wonder how many moves the two Emperors from the Heavenly Mortal World can take.”

His words were full of truth.

Yuwen Hongfang’s battle results were truly shocking.

However, this was not the most shocking part.

He had killed other gods before!

And it was during the siege of the two gods!

This made Yuwen Hongfang, who was already famous throughout the entire Great Xia World, even more famous.

“The method of rebirth, the method of reincarnation!”

Yuwen Hongfang realized that he couldn’t hold back his anticipation.

In order to alleviate the feeling of impatience, he began to talk to himself and divert his attention.

It was almost impossible for this kind of thing to happen to a god.

However, Yuwen Hongfang was about to die.

Because his path was too overbearing, and the cultivation essences of other cultivators he had collected over the years were very mixed.

This caused him to be at a disadvantage in other aspects compared to the strong ones who cultivated purely on their own.

His lifespan was far from being comparable to that of an ordinary god-level expert.

How could Yuwen Hongfang, who had such extraordinary experience and talent, be willing to die just like that.

The news of the rebirth of an Emperor in the Heavenly Mortal World was the light at the end of his tunnel.

It was also his last straw of hope. After all, he really did not have much left in his world.

“This time, I must do my best. If I succeed, I can start all over again.”

“Even if I fail, I will still use all my strength before I die. It can be considered to be a grand occasion!”

At this moment, Yuwen Hongfang’s voice was hoarse, and his expression was ferocious. It completely destroyed his domineering aura.

Under his anxious mood, the powerful war chariot sped toward the Heavenly Mortal World at a speed several times faster.

Time flew by, and a month quickly passed.

During this period of time, Ye Changge would teach his disciples and the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar whenever he had free time.

If he had free time, he would refine the Magnetic Turtle Mysterious Shield Array and superimpose it on the World Barrier.

According to Ye Changge’s estimations, the current World Barrier array was almost twice as strong as it was at the beginning.

Based on the current strength, even a god-level powerhouse would find it difficult to break through.

Just as he flew to the World Barrier array and stacked the Magnetic Turtle Mysterious Shield Array in the sky of the eastern region…

In the distant void space of the universe, a fiery red beam of light was heading straight towards the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

When Ye Changge saw this red beam of light, he stiffened.

In his pe

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