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Chapter 178: Ye Changge Took in the Three Who Had Performed Brilliantly

The three who had made up their minds were very competitive.

Especially Wu Yunfei and Zhao Hang.

Wu Yunfei had obtained an inheritance from the outer realms. The strength of the Yellow Dao Palace was enough to rule several worlds after all.

This was something that no faction in the Heavenly Mortal World could compare to.

When he used all of his strength, strange patterns appeared on the surface of his body, attracting everyone’s attention.

Whether it was in the battle with others or in the test of the array formation, Wu Yunfei’s performance was very eye-catching.

As for Zhao Hang, his performance was also extremely powerful.

Not only did his own strength exceed many of the candidates, but the spiritual power contained in his body was also not something that others could compare to.

This also caused his battles to be different from others. He did not rest at all and fought one match after another.

Everyone was shocked by his performance.

After all, the others still needed to rest in between their battles.

Such a continuous ability was really inhuman.

Li Tianci was different from them, so he could only participate in the test of Heavenly Dao’s deduction.

Moreover, because of his special talent and ability, he did not want to be seen by others.

Therefore, his test was conducted in a secret environment.

As a result, other than the judge and the elders of the various peaks who were recruiting disciples, no one else knew how he did.

Everyone could only see that Li Tianci had passed one test after another, but no one knew about the specifics of his performance.

“Haha, it seems that this cultivator is the most likely to become my brother.”

He Xiuxing watched all of their performances and secretly made that guess.

After all, the other two were too high-profile.

Ye Changge wouldn’t like this kind of personality.

Li Tianci, who had been advancing all the time and did not show too much of his performance, was more appreciated by Ye Changge.

Wu Yunfei, who was full of passion, did not know that if he had not known about the system’s mission long ago, he would not have been able to become Ye Changge’s disciple today.

Ye Changge shook his head when he felt this scene on Reclining Firewood Peak.

However, the current situation was different from the past. He had nothing to hide about showing his strength in the Heavenly Mortal World now.

As for the experts from the outer regions, they had long left.

“Cultivate. After their round is over, you will show that I have taken a liking to them. Bring them here.”

Not wanting to let the two reveal more trump cards and special characteristics in the next round, Ye Changge directly planned to take them in as disciples.

With his current status, no one would doubt his decision, and no one dared to disrespect him.



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