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Chapter 188: The Strange Demon Race

As usual, Ah Hu quietly waited for his prey to appear.

His entire body was buried in the swamp, and only his brain was exposed to the soil.

His head was covered by thick withered branches.

In the Death Aura Forest, there were some very rare spirit beasts.

These spirit beasts’ fur and inner cores could be sold at a good price, so many demon cultivators needed to hunt them.

Unfortunately, there had been a lot of commotion in this forest before, and many of the prey had been scared into hiding.

Fortunately, Ah Hu was an expert at hunting here.

There were all kinds of dangers in the Death Aura Forest that terrified demon cultivators.

However, Ah Hu was very familiar with this place and could enter deeper places.

He was not worried that there would be demon cultivators here who could compete with him for prey and harvest.

Demon cultivators from the Death Aura Forest rarely came. It was surrounded by an extremely dangerous demonic fog.

If he did not have a way, he would not be able to step into it.

Even the swamp mud he was hiding in contained an extremely strong deadly aura. This was the result of countless demon beast corpses over the past ten thousand years.

Suddenly, there was a strange sound in the distance.

Crash. Crash.

Ah Hu frowned.

This figure was somewhat strange. He had never heard such a sound here.

“Could it be that a new spirit beast has appeared in the Death Aura Forest?”

The moment this thought appeared, his body became somewhat stiff.

After all, in the Death Aura Forest, and this deep into it, the spirit beasts that could appear were all very powerful.

He relied on his familiarity with this forest to be able to come here to hunt.

If a very powerful existence appeared, he would not be able to deal with it.

Every time he ventured a mile into the cold forest, the danger would increase at a rapid speed.

He had once seen an unknown spirit beast here.

That spirit beast had crushed everything all the way here. Even now when he thought about it, he still felt that it was a nightmare.

That time, if it was not for his good luck, and the fact that the spirit beast was obviously not chasing him, he might have already died.

Therefore, when an unfamiliar voice appeared in the forest now, it meant that there was a new movement here.

Such a sign often indicated danger.

As the voice got closer and closer, he also became more and more nervous.

Ah Hu was already somewhat unable to control his own trembling.

The sound came from the grass not far away.

He stared at the grass and subconsciously held his breath.

Running away at this time was the stupidest thing to do. Being able to hear the movements meant that the magical beast was already quite close to him.

Hiding in the mud at this time was the best choice.

Not long after, a figure appeared in his field of vision.

Ah Hu was

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