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Chapter 193: Cultivation Technique

Gu Yu had no choice but to pay attention to this place.

The Death Aura Forest was truly a unique location.

There had always been a legend in the Demon Emperor sector that it was connected to the deadly underworld and was the place where demons were born.

Although the rumor was not reliable, it was enough to reveal the fear that many demon cultivators in the Demon Emperor sector had towards that place.

Where did it come from? And it was in the central area. Its strength must be at the very superior.

Moreover, there had been a heaven and earth phenomenon in that place.

Day and night had been turned upside down, and the day was illuminated by starlight.

If this shocking phenomenon was caused by the sudden appearance of that expert, then it must be taken very seriously.

Before her, the tactician continued to report.

“This person appeared in a small town. He looks very young. Most importantly, many cultivators believe that he isn’t a demonic cultivator.”

“Not a demon cultivator?”

Gu Yu felt a little strange when she heard this.

“Yes, my lord. Although his aura seems to be very condensed, demon cultivators still need to use their innate divine abilities to investigate him.”

“There was a young person around twenty years old by his side. He was very powerful.”

“It was said that he defeated Wei Wuxian of the Spirit Jade Demon Guard in one move. His two hundred guards were all defeated in an extremely short period of time”

“Wei Wuxian?” Gu Yu frowned. She had some preconceived notions about this name.

That subordinate hurriedly said, “That person is an expert of the Spirit Jade Demon Guard. Although he is not strong, he is still very experienced.”

“In addition, Wei Wushuang of the Spirit Jade Demon Guard is very powerful. He is this person’s elder brother.”

Gu Yu suddenly understood.

She really knew who Wei Wushuang was.

That person was an expert of the Spirit Jade Demon Guard, and he had quite a reputation.

Because this person was a demon cultivator like her, who liked to fight purely with his physical body.

As for the other demon cultivators, they were more proficient in all kinds of strange divine abilities and attacks.

“Wei Wushuang will definitely not give up. We just have to wait.”

“As for the emissary of Star Cluster City, let him stay here for now.”

Gu Yu made a decision.

In the pitch-black pool, the medicinal liquid writhed like a living creature.

A strange force field that seemed to be corporeal enveloped the pool tightly, preventing the aura in the pool from leaking out.

Ye Changge was in this pool, healing his own injuries.

His strength had been damaged when he came here.

He had already recovered a lot with the help of other cultivation methods.

Even so, there were still some stubborn injuries that he could not recover from.

Wang Bing had given him a lot of materials that

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