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Chapter 173: Sect Leader Ding Was Shocked

“You said that the sect has an honored guest? What honored guest is it?” Ding Xingbo began to ask about the situation.

“That… it’s the one from Reclining Firewood Peak. Oh no, Reclining Firewood Peak!”

Li Yuehe was halfway through her sentence. When she mentioned Reclining Firewood Peak, she seemed to have remembered something and looked anxiously at the things in her hands.

“Sect master, I have to deliver the things that Reclining Firewood Peak needs quickly. Sect Master Qing Cang is waiting for you in the main hall. Uncle, please atone for your sins. I will leave first.”

After saying that, she hurriedly left the main road.

Sect Leader Ding looked at her back in a daze.

Li Yuehe quickly arrived outside the main road of the main hall. She came to a place where she could ride a sword and turned into a rainbow.

“What does this mean? Could it be that during the days when I was not here, there were some new changes in the Hidden Edge Sect?”

Sect Leader Ding was a little confused. He continued to head to the main hall.

Unlike disciples like Li Yuehe, he was qualified to fly directly.

The reason why he did not need to fly was to meet a few more disciples and fellow disciples.

As he slowly walked forward, Sect Leader Ding finally met another person.

An elder of the Hidden Edge Sect rushed over from the mountain behind the main mountain range.

“Brother, Brother Shang Jing, you look pretty good today.”

As he spoke enthusiastically, Sect Leader Ding walked in front of his younger brother.

His aura was released slightly, and the space around him faintly had a strange fluctuation.

That was his strange aura as a powerhouse of the upper three realms.

“Ah, it’s the sect leader. Um, I still have something important to do, and I need to quickly go to Reclining Firewood Peak to send other people’s congratulatory gifts. You should quickly go to the main hall.”

Without waiting for Sect Leader Ding to take any action, Elder Shang Jing had already formed a sword seal and disappeared from the main branch.

“What is this? I’m the sect leader, and I’ve broken through my cultivation. Am I so inconspicuous?”

Sect Leader Ding, who had wanted to show off his cultivation in front of his fellow disciples and disciples, felt a chill in his heart.

“Sigh, forget it, forget it. After all, it’s Reclining Firewood Peak. It’s understandable. There’s an Emperor there now.”

He could still understand the reactions of his disciples and younger brothers.

He continued to slowly move towards his junior brothers.

In his field of vision, a middle-aged elder with a long sword on his back slowly appeared.

Sect Leader Ding’s face lit up.

“I have so many brothers, it can’t be that they are really ignoring me, right?”

He made his aura more obvious and happily walked towards his younger brother.

“Brother Lian Yun, Brother Lian Yun.”

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