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Chapter 168: The More They Fought, The Stronger They Became

No one cared about Wu Yunfei and the others.

This was because the battle was becoming more and more intense.


With a loud shout, the forty-nine great formation was activated.

After all, it was a battle formation set up by the forty-nine quasi-emperors.

Their strength was extraordinary.

A huge golden light instantly appeared on the battlefield, expanding at an unimaginable speed.

Soon, that bright golden light occupied the entire field of vision of the spectators.

Wu Yunfei felt an intense pressure pushing down on his chest, causing his breathing to become difficult.

Zhao Hang noticed this and revealed a part of his true form, shielding his two companions.

Relying on the strength of his body, he was barely able to resist this pressure.

He could not imagine how terrifying the pressure that Yu Tianxing, who was facing the golden light directly, would be.


The forty-nine people shouted at the same time. The golden light turned into sharp swords and stabbed straight at Yu Tianxing.

Her hair was blown away by the impact, but Yu Tianxing still appeared elegant and calm.

The firepower of the Fu Guang Candle continued to increase, and the starlight that shone from afar also became more and more intense.

“Star Radiance, make a formation!”

The purple phoenix instantly dissipated, turning into numerous sharp longswords.

Under the illumination of the starlight, each sword appeared beautiful and magnificent.

Ten thousand swords formed a formation, revolving to meet the dazzling golden light sharp swords.


Although they were all attacks of force and spirit energy, unexpectedly, there were sounds of metal clashing against metal.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Tens of thousands of purple starlight swords and golden swords were rapidly grinding against each other at an extremely high frequency.

The number of sword lights in the purple sword array was rapidly decreasing, quickly wearing away the power of the golden light.

In the end, the two disappeared at the same time.

The venerable Jiayu only felt a sense of suffocation.

After seeing the power of the forty-nine great array, many quasi-emperors relied on the array to break through the Great Emperor Realm.

Now, the little female cultivator from the Heavenly Mortal World also had such strength.

“It can’t be wrong. Your attack just now reached the Great Emperor level! This is impossible. How can you do this?”

He could still accept the fact that the overall strength of the forty-nine great array had reached the Great Emperor level.

However, Yu Tianxing had displayed the Great Emperor’s attack power just by relying on her own strength. He should definitely be shocked.

Those who noticed this did not know Jia Yu.

They were all very clear that such strength was not something a quasi-emperor co

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