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Luo Mountain World, realm lord’s main hall.

The strongest existence of the Luo Mountain World, the only god-level expert in the entire world, Li Yutian, was currently checking out the latest intelligence.

He was dressed in a sky blue brocade robe with a black tiger tattoo inked around his waist.

He had a head of long hair that moved with the wind and his physique was perfect. He truly had an imposing aura.

What left the deepest impression on people was his eyes that were like ancient lakes.

They were deep and mysterious, as if one could see a hidden world through those eyes.

If Li Yutian had left the remains here, he would definitely remember the shock he felt when he first saw Ye Changge’s eyes.

Da Da Da.

Li Yutian’s fingers slowly tapped on the armrest of the chair.

“This place called the Heavenly Mortal World is indeed different. No wonder it attracted the attention of the Blood Flame Sect and the forces behind it.”

“I’m afraid that it won’t be long before the strength ranking of that world is no weaker than that of a great world.”

The Heavenly Mortal World did not have a god-level existence on the surface.

However, the two Emperors it currently had were already powerful enough.

“Our Luo Mountain World is actually not safe from the threat of the Blood Flame Sect.”

With a sigh, it seemed that the strength of the mysterious force was revealed.

Even the Luo Mountain World, which had a god, was somewhat powerless.

In Li Yutian’s mind, there were a few things that were extremely special about the Heavenly Mortal World.

The first was the reincarnation of Yu Tianxing.

This was something that could be said to be shocking to anyone.

“There was the Blood Flame Sect coveting it, and now there are experts who are about to die. I’m afraid that the Heavenly Mortal World will have a hard time.”

The second special thing about the Heavenly Mortal World was that it was a small world that once had so many Emperors.

This was something that was almost unbelievable.

Some things could fool Lian Shuxue, but they couldn’t fool a god like Li Yutian.

“Judging from the equipment of the Blood Flame Sect, they didn’t prepare any secret countermeasures to break through the World Barrier.”

“This is an almost impossible mistake. After all, that mysterious force is so powerful.”

“Besides the Blood Flame Sect, there are also other forces like the Mournful Tower. This shows that they value the Heavenly Mortal World very much.”

“The World Barrier that suddenly appeared in that world, as well as the special potential that it displayed, are enough to prove one thing.”

“This Heavenly Mortal World is a world that has appeared naturally and at the same time, nurtured a natural wonder.”

As he deduced the traces of the Heavenly Mortal World, this Luo Mountain World lord quickly began to pay more attention to the Heavenly Mortal World.

He already understood that the Heave

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