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Chapter 176: Information About the Blood Flame Sect, and the Speculations Behind the Scenes

After Granny Qian’s speech, the people in the hall had some understanding of the Blood Flame Sect and the forces behind it.

Many small worlds and large worlds did not know as much as Granny Qian.

There was a cursed person who was known as the “Mournful Tower”, and his divine abilities were abnormally strange.

These people seemed to have inheritances from many worlds, and they had all sorts of abilities related to witchcraft and curses.

They could target enemies from a great distance.

According to Granny Qian’s information, there was once a person who was separated by a world and was cursed to death by the Mournful Tower’s people.

There was also an Emperor who was repeatedly attacked by the Mournful Tower’s people. In the end, his luck was wiped out, and he died.

Ye Changge thought of the Sword Emperor.

Becoming an Emperor would leave a mark on the Heavenly Dao.

An existence acknowledged by the Heavenly Dao would naturally have a lot of luck.

However, even such an existence with a lot of luck would still be cursed to death by the Mournful Tower.

Since he was a bit afraid of such a divine ability, it made him want to fight.

“If I can appear at the headquarters of the Mournful Tower, I’ll probably get quite a lot.”

In fact, all of the subordinates of that mysterious force were pretty good.

This also caused Ye Changge to have a deep interest in that force.

If he could also continue to sign-in at the other party’s base camp, his gains would definitely be pretty good.

The people of the summoning element were from the Divine Beast Sect.

This sect seemed to have mastered some kind of method to nurture special beasts.

The people of the Great Xia World believed that this sect should have a method to make divine beasts cross-breed.

Many of their disciples had all kinds of unique divine beast descendants. One look and one could tell that they were born with other strange beasts.

While the specific purposes of the other sects were unknown, the purposes of this Divine Beast Sect had been clarified by the other worlds.

This group of lunatics wanted to cultivate divine beasts on a large scale.

They were blessed by the heavens and the earth, and were blessed by the beauty of all things. This was why there existed all kinds of divine beasts under the coincidental circumstances.

They generally had strong potential, and it was difficult for them to reproduce.

The Divine Beast School would collect all kinds of divine beasts, and at the same time, they also had all kinds of strange beast taming secret techniques.

Their goal was to breed divine beasts, and to control them.

As for the cultivators of the Death element, the name of the faction was Life Seizing Cliff.

The path they cultivated was to steal people’s essence qi, life auras, and so on.

It was a very ter

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