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Chapter 186: Space Teleportation, Strange Great World

The dead Yuwen Hongfang had a strange gemstone on his body. At this moment, it was emitting a dim light.

Ye Changge was enveloped by that light and was unable to move for a moment.

“What is this?”

Somewhat surprised, Ye Changge used his spiritual senses to scan that strange stone.

The exact origin was unknown, but he could feel the thick spatial power from there.

A black spatial crack appeared on the gem, emitting a terrifying suction force.

Ye Changge’s body slowly fell into the stone.

Sensing that something was wrong, Ye Changge’s spiritual power surged violently, but he could not break free.

“This isn’t good.”

The situation was urgent, and he did not have any other options at the moment.

Shifting his body, Ye Changge transmitted his thoughts to the Heavenly Mortal World below.

“I have something to attend to, and I have to leave for a period of time. During this period of time when I’m not around, Yu Tianxing is in charge of Reclining Firewood Peak, and a few of the great disciples are jointly maintaining it.”

Glancing at each of his disciples, Ye Changge let out a slight sigh of relief.

He did not sense any danger from the spatial rift caused by the gemstone.

Based on what he was seeing now, the spatial rift of the gemstone seemed to be teleporting him to another place.

He did not know where exactly it was, but he was certain that there would not be much danger there.

With his current level and strength, it would be very difficult for ordinary worlds to threaten his existence.

Moreover, the situation in the Heavenly Mortal World had already stabilized.

There was an Emperor artifact, a World Barrier, and more importantly, he had so many foundations.

Under Yu Tianxing’s leadership, these disciples could complete the mission of defending against the outer realm experts.

If an unexpected enemy really came, the Heavenly Mortal World still had this trump card.

Ye Changge looked at his eldest disciple with a meaningful gaze.

He Xiuxing. His path of immortal cultivation had already reached a path that no one could predict.

Even as a master, Ye Changge found it difficult to judge how powerful this disciple’s final destination would be.

“Yes! Master!”

His first three disciples were still very familiar with their master.

Knowing that they had encountered an unexpected situation, they did not make any unnecessary movements and accepted the orders one after another.

Yu Tianxing looked at her two older brothers and knew that this was the greatest reliance that Ye Changge had left behind in the Hidden Edge Sect.

“Brothers, master has requested for me to temporarily take charge of the matters of the Reclining Firewood Peak and the Heavenly Mortal World. I hope that you two will lend a helping hand.”

“Sister, don’t worry. I will definitely listen to your commands. Whoever dares to oppos

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