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Chapter 171: The First Sacred Land, Hidden Edge Sect

“Heavenly Star Emperor reincarnated as a disciple of the Hidden Edge Emperor.”

This was the most shocking news in the entire Heavenly Mortal World in millennia.

The gravity of this news was so great that it spread throughout the entire Heavenly Mortal World within two days after it was confirmed.

Other than the Hidden Edge Sect, the first faction to know and confirm this news was not any of the large sects.

It was the Yu family that was still in the city.

When they saw Yu Tianxing in the water screen saying, “I have returned to the realm of an Emperor,” the members of the Yu family were stunned.

In the courtyard of the Yu family.

The entire family looked at the water screen in the sky, unable to come back to their senses for a long time.

A long, long time later, when the mirror disappeared, the heated discussions in the city reached the ears of the members of the Yu family.

Yu Shoushan quivered and turned around to look at his son, Yu Chao.

Yu Chao was also in disbelief and had a shocked expression on his face.

Beside him, the teacup in Dong Linglong’s hand had been cold for a long time.

“Is this true? Did I hear correctly? Tianxing is the Heavenly Star Emperor?”

Yu Shoushan was still unable to imagine it.

However, when he said his granddaughter’s name, he came to a realization.

There was a natural order to things.

“So, this is true?”

For a moment, he did not know how to face his granddaughter.

He also did not know how Yu Tianxing viewed this family.

“It’s no wonder the Hidden Edge Emperor came to my house to take in a disciple.”

Yu Chao came to a realization.

Previously, they all thought that when Yu Tianxing was born, a strange phenomenon descended from the sky and attracted the attention of the Green Wave Sect and other factions.

At that time, Hidden Edge Sect was only a slightly stronger sect in the eastern region.

In the end, they produced the Hidden Edge Emperor and turned the Heavenly Mortal Realm into a completely different place.

Before this, the Yu family had always thought that their family had gotten lucky.

Who would have thought that their daughter would bring them the biggest surprise?

Or it could be described as a shock.

“What is Tianxing’s attitude?”

“I don’t know either. Furthermore, can we really say that we are her family?”

The members of the Yu family were conflicted.

Furthermore, after Yu Tianxing was born, she spent most of her time on the mountain.

Who knew what Yu Tianxing was thinking?

“No matter what, she is still my younger sister!”

Just as the members of the Yu family were feeling extremely conflicted, Yu Xiuzhu spoke.

Dong Linglong turned around and saw her son’s ignorant but determined little face.

He was only a little over ten years old and his little face looked very childish.

“That’s right! In any case, no one can

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