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Chapter 184: Sudden Changes. Monstrous Demonic Flames

Following the intense bombardment of the terrifying sword rain, the energy of the World Barrier was rapidly being depleted.

Ye Changge roughly calculated that with just this attack, one-tenth of the energy of the array formation had been depleted.

The strength of a godly expert was indeed formidable.

Raising his hand, the Magnetic Turtle Mysterious Shield Array that Ye Changge had reinforced in various parts of the barrier had all arrived at the eastern region.

The defensive power of the entire eastern region’s World Barrier had risen by a large level.

Yuwen Hongfang’s expression was one of shock and uncertainty.

The appearance of this world had exceeded his expectations.

In his mind, he should have already broken through the great array by now.

When he had first seen this World Barrier, he had clearly realized that this barrier had not appeared naturally.

That at least meant that there was an existence in this world that could refine a World Barrier.

Such an expert’s strength was at least at the level of a god.

Although it was unexpected, he was still confident in killing a god in the Heavenly Mortal World.

He did not think that he would actually be stopped by this World Barrier’s array.

From what he knew, Ye Changge was merely an Emperor-level expert.

Without the intervention of a god, not to mention completely destroying the array, there had to be at least a passage that allowed him to enter.

In the end, not only did he fail to break the array, but the array also became more and more stable.

“You, to do this with a mere Emperor’s ability is truly beyond my expectations.”

Yuwen Hongfang sighed.

He had originally planned to conserve his spiritual energy and fight against the gods of the Heavenly Mortal World.

He did not expect to be faced with true strength in front of this World Barrier and an Emperor.


With a loud shout, the entire sky of the Heavenly Mortal World darkened.

A powerful aura blew wildly against the World Barrier.

The sword rain stopped, and boundless demonic qi floated in the air.

With the power of a single person, he used demonic qi to cover the entire world sky.

The power of a god was actually this terrifying.


With Yuwen Hongfang’s edict, demonic qi began to attack.

Countless demonic patterns appeared. The eastern region where the Magnetic Turtle Mysterious Shield Array was located was still able to resist, but the rest of the place showed signs of being corroded by demonic qi.

In the Hidden Edge Sect, everyone looked at the sky in shock.

As a devil cultivator, Li Tianci was even more shocked by such powerful demonic qi.

He felt that there were countless powerful auras attacking his body.

Even from such a far distance, it still made him very uncomfortable.

The demonic qi not only contained a shocking corrosive ability,

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