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Chapter 191: External Enemies, the Situation in the Demon Emperor World

Ye Changge directly came out of his room and instantly appeared in the main hall of the city lord’s residence with the city lord, Ah Hu, and the others.

“Ah Hu, break his limbs.”

Hearing this, Ahu was stunned.

But very quickly, he reacted.

His figure disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The demon cultivator who had barged in suddenly paused. He was extremely experienced in battle and immediately sensed danger.

Before he could speak, a white figure appeared in his field of vision like a ghost.

An extremely dangerous sensation suddenly surfaced. All the hair on his body stood on end and he did not dare to hesitate.

The demonic energy in his entire body surged to the limit. Under the surge of demonic energy, powerful demonic strength was channeled to his fist.

“Tiger Roar Fist!”

A projection made of greyish light took on the shape of a roaring tiger, and pounced forward with a bang.

There was a thick killing intent in the air and a gloomy and cold aura mixed with it, and it was unstoppable.

Ah Hu was even more excited. He exhaled and his right fist also lit up with a white light.

The white light appeared on his fist, layer by layer and extremely quickly.

This was an attack skill that Ye Changge had designed for Ah Hu.

Ah Hu’s cultivation was really too low, but his own willpower was not bad.

This offensive fist technique only had one use, which was to continuously stack one’s own strength.

There were no overly complicated techniques, and this ability was just so simple.

But its effect was very good.


The white light effortlessly pierced through the roaring tiger shadow. The demon cultivator who came to cause trouble did not care about his pride and rolled on the ground.

The fist of light brushed past his body, scaring him until he broke into a cold sweat.

“Where did this old man Wang find such an expert?”

Before he could think too much, Ah Hu had already attacked again.

Crack Crack Crack Crack!

He broke the limbs of the guy with his bare hands cleanly. With a flash, he arrived in front of Ye Changge.

Ah Hu threw the unconscious Spirit Jade general on the ground and said, “Senior, it’s done.”

He still wanted more. This guy was too weak.

Ye Changge nodded and said, “Take care of those guys outside as well.”

“Okay!” Ah Hu did not waste anymore words. With a flash, he disappeared.

There was a series of scuffling sounds coming from outside. From time to time, there were screams and muffled groans. A moment later, Ah Hu returned to the manor with a relaxed expression.

“Senior, they’ve all been knocked unconscious.”

Wang Bing was dumbstruck.

Ye Changge moved those people to the side and used a spell to bind them all together.

“Tell me exactly what is going on. No secrets, no omissions.”

He originally did not want to meddle in such matter

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