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Chapter 179: Rapid Increase in Strength and Generous Rewards

The items that Ye Changge had given to the three disciples once again stunned them.

Today was truly a dreamy day for the three of them.

Firstly, they had come to the Hidden Edge Sect and accidentally discovered that Emperor Hidden Edge’s eldest disciple, He Xiuxing, was watching the disciple-accepting ceremony.

One had to know that normally, the Reclining Firewood Peak would not send anyone to participate in this ceremony.

Secondly, before the results were out, He Xiuxing had already summoned the three of them to the front of the Hidden Edge Emperor.

Becoming the Emperor’s disciple was equivalent to completing the goal ahead of time.

The cultivation technique and divine weapon Ye Changge had given them had truly stunned the three of them.

‘How could it be such a coincidence that the Emperor took out three sets of inheritance that matched our respective inheritances?’

Wu Yunfei had an unspoken question.

He thanked his master and flipped open the origin of ten thousand formations. He was immediately captivated by the array cultivation within.

The other three did similarly.

“This, this, this array secret manual, what level is it?”

Wu Yunfei said in shock.

He realized that the origin of ten thousand formations was far beyond what he had learned.

Even though Ye Changge had already displayed his array formation when he had set up the World Barrier of the Heavenly Mortal World.

Wu Yunfei had also made some preparations for the array formation manual that he could learn.

However, the origin of ten thousand formations still scared him.

Compared to this manual, the inheritance of the Yellow Dao Palace was not even worth mentioning.

Beside him, Zhao Hang and Li Tianci also wore shocked expressions.

Regardless of which secret manual it was, its level far surpassed the Emperor’s scripture.

“Master, you actually have so many top-tier secret manuals, and you’re teaching them to people accordingly?”

Zhao Hang asked in disbelief.

Ye Changge smiled and pointed at the divine artifacts that were given to them.

This time, the three of them were even more shocked.

Ye Changge looked at Li Tianci and knew what was special about him.

Feeling the emptiness of his body’s core, Ye Changge gave him a bottle of pills.

“Your talent is special, and your power is weak. This bottle of Tianshu Green Soul Pill is for you. It can help you replenish your core.”

Li Tianci was stunned when he received the pill from Ye Changge. He had mixed feelings, and he actually started to cry.

“I will never forget your kindness, master!”

Ye Changge was slightly stunned. He did not know why this disciple had such an intense reaction.

Seeing that Ye Changge seemed to be a little confused, Wu Yunfei explained on behalf of the emotional Li Tianci.

“Master, you may not know this, but Tianci has been persecuted beca

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