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Chapter 272: Is It Life or Death?

The Taotie’s eyes flashed. Even a lowly ant dared to stop him.

Was he courting death?

Actually, he had discovered Ye Changge’s existence at the very beginning.

However, after just a glance, he no longer paid attention to him.

A person without any cultivation could not arouse his interest at all. After seeing how the best dealt with these people, it could just stomp him to death.

However, what shocked him was that this person actually did not know the severity of what stood in front of him.

In his eyes, this was a great humiliation.

Back then, ten thousand years ago, those fragile mortals were scared out of their skin just by looking at this figure.

They wished they could just grow two more legs and run as far away as possible.

Now, even an ant dared to challenge its majesty.

Now, it seemed that many people had forgotten how powerful it was.

In its eyes, this was unforgivable.

Hence, it was furious.

It opened his mouth and there was a sucking force. It was like he wanted to swallow the human in front of him.

A powerful devouring force permeated the air. Everything around it seemed to lose its gravity and rush into the bloody mouth.

Bai Ao Xian and the others were also extremely nervous, afraid that Ye Changge would be swallowed.

However, what they did not expect was that this powerful suction force, which even a peak quasi-emperor couldn’t resist, was unable to shake that black figure. It was like an archaic divine mountain, unwavering.

This was something that an ordinary person could accomplish?!


The Taotie was also stunned.

If it was not for the surrounding things crazily rushing towards his mouth, it would even suspect that its devouring divine ability had degenerated.

There were not many in the world that could resist his devouring ability.

At this moment, he once again sized up Ye Changge in front of him. His gaze flashed with a strange light. Clearly, he had also realized the difference.

“A mere demonic beast. If you don’t submit now, then when will you?” Ye Changge said indifferently.

Two bundles were attached to his back. A powerful aura and majesty instantly swept through this area.

All the living beings felt as if the power of heaven had descended upon them, and they prostrated on the ground.

The Taotie’s eyes suddenly shrank, and it suddenly realized that its entire body seemed to be shackled by huge restraints.

An extremely heavy pressure came from all directions, and it was overwhelming and unrivaled.

Then, under everyone’s shocked eyes, its huge body fell to the ground with a bang.

No matter how hard it struggled, it could not get up.

Under this kind of majesty, it could not even move a finger, let alone fight. How could it fight again?

“How is this possible?” The Taotie roared angrily.

How could there be such an expert in this world? Its state of mind col

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