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Chapter 248: Cloud Movement: Secret Technique of an Emperor


At this moment, all the powers that had arrived in the Northern Imperial City were stunned.

The heavens descended, and the Great Dao appeared.

This was a phenomenon that only an Emperor could incur.

Outside the Northern Imperial City.

On the peak of a mountain.

A woman dressed in white looked at the place where the Great Dao phenomenon had appeared, and shock appeared in her eyes. “Emperor?”

How was this possible?

She was completely shocked.

No one knew better than her how difficult it was to become an Emperor. With his talent, she had been stuck at the peak of the Quasi-emperor Realm for thousands of years.

However, she could not find a way to break through to the Emperor Realm.

Every time she had an epiphany, this feeling would remain hazy. It was as if there was a layer of mist that could not be penetrated.

Just a few days ago, they suddenly received news that the Azure Dragon Secret Realm in the northern desert was about to be born.

It was reported that the Azure Dragon was a genius from ten thousand years ago. In less than a hundred years, he had risen from the Duan Body Realm to the Quasi-emperor Realm. He was known as a legend in the cultivation world.

For ordinary warriors, if they wanted to cultivate from the Duan Body Realm to the Quasi-emperor Realm, it would at least take thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years.

This was under the condition that the path was smooth. The later the path, the more difficult it was. If one was stuck at a certain bottleneck, it was possible that one would not be able to find the opportunity to break through for several thousand years.

The first part of the cultivation was fine. As long as the spiritual qi in one’s body was sufficient, one could break through the barrier and break through smoothly.

However, the further one progressed, the more difficult the cultivation became. The precipitation of spiritual qi, the strength of one’s soul, and one’s own luck all had strict requirements. Several thousand years were spent waiting for an opportunity to break through.

The most despairing thing was that it was impossible for a quasi-emperor to break through to the Great Emperor Realm without great luck.

In the northern region, there hadn’t been a Great Emperor for tens of thousands of years.

Therefore, when she heard the news of the opening of the Azure Dragon Secret Realm, she immediately rushed over.

There was even news that the Azure Dragon Secret Realm had a way for a peak quasi-emperor to break through to the Great Emperor realm, which attracted countless factions to come.

Of course, she was no exception.

But at this moment, before the Azure Dragon Secret Realm had even opened, an Emperor had appeared.

This was a genuine Emperor. There was a way to become an Emperor in the Azure Dragon Secret Realm. After all, it was just a pat

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