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Chapter 258: The Azure Dragon Secret Realm Opens and the Treasures Are Stored Away

Shi Shan felt an irresistible force, and his state of mind collapsed.

The immense pressure caused his entire body to bleed, and within a few breaths, he became a bloody man.

Everyone’s scalps went numb when they saw Shi Shan’s miserable state.

This was too terrifying.

Even Shi Shan, who was a half-step Emperor, could not resist the mysterious man in front of him at all. If it were them, they would have died long ago.

Fortunately, they did not make a move just now. Otherwise, they would have been killed without hesitation.

As for those sects that wanted to surrender to the Desert Sword Sect, they all ducked and hid, afraid that Ye Changge would notice them and kill them as well.

Right now, they lowered their heads and kept hidden behind other bodies, not rushing forward to save Shi Shan.

Ye Changge’s strength had deeply impressed them, and it had already shocked them greatly.

“Manman, tell me how to deal with him,” Ye Changge said indifferently.

Although he could kill Shi Shan quietly, it would be extremely easy.

However, Shi Shan had offended his disciple. This act was unforgivable. As for how to execute him, it was better to leave it to his disciple to decide.

Ning Manman did not say anything. Instead, she looked at Chu Yueli.

She was slightly stunned. Since Ye Changge was here, she did not dare to make an easy judgment. Thus, she said respectfully, “Everything is up to you, senior.”

Since that was the case, Ye Changge did not hesitate at all. He shattered the Shi Shan into a ball of blood and then annihilated it into nothingness.

Everyone was already dumbfounded.

Shi Shan who was just a living person just a moment ago had vanished into thin air. Not even a speck of dust was left behind.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, who would dare to believe that this really happened?

Then, they realized that Ye Changge was looking at them.

Immediately after, a vast power that was like the might of heaven pressed down on them. At this moment, other than being able to move their eyes, they were unable to budge. Even moving a finger was an extravagant feat.

They were truly afraid.

However, they could not move. They could only look at Chu Yueli for help. They were all experienced people, and it was impossible for them to directly beg the man in front of them.

Those who could become Emperors were all decisive people. In the eyes of Emperors, the lives of these people were like ants.

At this moment, Ning Manman stepped in front of Ye Changge. The two of them did not use any language to communicate. They could understand each other’s thoughts with one move and one look.

Ye Changge snorted coldly and immediately withdrew the oppressive force.

At this moment, a golden light suddenly erupted from the distant mountains, and an ancient and unsophisticated aura assaulted

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