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Chapter 253: Heaven in a Single Thought, Hell in a Single Thought

Things had already developed to a point where there was no retreat. Chu Yueli did not retreat. She suppressed the injuries on her body and activated the palace-suppressing divine skill of the Heavenly Snow Palace, the Ice Phoenix’s Ode to the World Scripture.

Her aura had reached its peak. An icy chill from the nine serenities land lingered around him. With him as the center, it spread wildly in all directions.

In just a short moment, the entire world seemed to have turned into an ice cellar. Everyone had to use their cultivation techniques to resist this bone-chilling coldness.

“Hiss, this is the cultivation technique of the Heavenly Snow Palace. It’s actually so terrifying!”

“I feel like my blood is about to freeze. As expected of the foundation of a large sect. It’s so powerful.”

“I wonder if Chu Yueli can get rid of Shi Shan’s demonic hands. I don’t want to see a delicate flower being destroyed just like that.”

“Keep your voice down. Do you want to die? If Shi Shan hears you, he’ll kill you with one finger.”

Everyone felt the tense atmosphere at the scene. They were all affected by the rhythm, and their hearts pounded.

This cold air was extremely powerful, and they had no choice but to use all the strength in their bodies to resist it. However, it was obvious that it had no effect on Shi Shan at all.

Just a meter or so away from him, it disappeared into nothingness, as if it had never appeared in the first place.

Chu Yueli noticed this situation, and her eyes were filled with deep worry. Their cultivation techniques had been passed down from the ancient times, and they had gone through countless modifications and improvements. Their power was no longer on the same level.

She did not expect that they would be so weak in front of Shi Shan.

“Is that all you’ve got? I’m not afraid to tell you that I used 30% of my strength just now. I’m going to be serious now.”

Shi Shan’s words caused a thousand ripples.

Everyone was shocked. He only used 30% of his strength and he was already so powerful.

If a true Emperor was here, killing a quasi-emperor would be as easy as stepping on an ant.

Never mind a peak quasi-emperor, even a half-step Emperor would not be able to resist.

Hearing this, even Chu Yueli’s gaze changed. She had a clear idea of what a half-step Emperor was like. Just 30% of his strength was enough to block a peak quasi-emperor’s attack. It was indeed terrifying.

Moreover, this was before he used the laws of heaven and earth. One had to know that Tribulation Transcending experts were able to become one with heaven and comprehend the Heavenly Dao.

Quasi-emperors were able to control the general situation of heaven and earth and form their own unique domain, instantly deciding the life and death of a person.

Heaven in a single thought, and hell in a single thought. This perfectly explained how

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