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Chapter 270: When They Were in Despair

At this moment, not only was the back of the mountain facing danger.

In the plaza of the Heavenly Snow Palace, these disciples were struggling to resist the murderous aura that filled the sky.

However, this murderous aura was too terrifying. Even Quasi-emperor Realm experts could not restrain it. Moreover, it had accumulated the hatred of the Taotie for tens of thousands of years.

It could be said that this murderous aura was the essence of hatred. It was not something these Entry Saint Realm powerhouses could resist.

If Bai Ao Xian was here, she would definitely notice that many disciples here had already been injected with the murderous aura.

Their eyes were bloodshot, and they became very violent. They raised the longswords they were holding and swung them at their companions.

Some of the more serious ones stabbed their longswords directly into their own stomachs, wanting to injure themselves on the spot.

But fortunately, without their own fellow disciples stopping them, the entire Heavenly Snow Palace was in a mess.

The vicinity was filled with the sounds of fighting and killing, and the square was filled with rivers of blood.

And at this moment…

Outside the Heavenly Snow Palace, Ye Changge could already feel a strong murderous aura from afar. They hurriedly entered the palace.

The scene in front of them completely stunned Chu Yueli.

The murderous aura that filled the sky lingered in the square, continuously affecting the disciples in the palace.

She wanted to rush out to stop them, but these people were all affected by it. They actually slashed at her. She could see that their eyes were bloodshot.

“Qingzhu, wake up!”

Chu Yueli directly restrained one of them and shouted loudly, but it was useless.

This person was already considered to have outstanding talent in the Heavenly Snow Palace. In just a few short decades, he had already cultivated to the rebirth-level.

However, he was still unable to stop the invasion of the baleful aura. From this, one could see how terrifying this baleful aura was.

Just as she was in a daze, there was another mass of the baleful aura charging towards her position, wanting to control her mind.

Ye Changge reacted quickly and immediately trapped the murderous aura in his palm.

Then, he moved his hand and annihilated it.

Then, he waved his right hand and a ray of light spread across the entire square. The murderous aura seemed to have met its nemesis and was destroyed.

All the disciples of the Heavenly Snow Palace regained their consciousness. When they looked at Chu Yueli, their faces were filled with joy.

“Elder Chu, you’re back,” Qing Zhu said with a pale face.

Even now, he still had a lingering fear. If not for Elder Chu’s timely return, at least half of the disciples of their sect would have been lost.

Chu Yueli had a bad premonition. She asked anxiously, “What exactly

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