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Chapter 264: Divine Punishment, Eye of the Heavenly Dao

The thick layer of clouds covered the entire Azure Dragon Secret Realm.

Raging lightning danced in the sky. Thunder roared, and its aura overflowed into the sky.

A whirlwind suddenly swept up between the heaven and earth, bringing with it an endless murderous aura. It completely terrified everyone until they felt completely numb.

While everyone else was terrified, Ye Changge was incomparably calm.

He was waiting, waiting for the tribulation clouds to completely brew, to see if he could block its attack this time.

How many years had it been? It had been a long time since he had the pleasure of splitting the heavenly lightning with his hands. That was when he had become a god. Although the aura of heaven and earth was not as powerful as this time, it was not much different.

He directly faced the powerful heavenly lightning and split open the thick layer of clouds with one hand, dispersing the tribulation clouds that filled the sky.

This time, it would not be that bad.

Unfortunately, others would not think that way.

Chu Yueli was in a bad mood. After understanding Ye Changge’s intentions, she felt as if her entire outlook on life had been overturned.

Based on her understanding, even if Ye Changge was an Emperor-level expert, he would not be able to face such terrifying majesty of heaven and earth with ease.

Although even the heavens were afraid of an Emperor-level expert, it still depended on the circumstances.

This heavenly punishment was not a test for cultivators, but a world-destroying divine punishment. In the past, the color of the heavenly lightning was white, and it emitted a sacred aura.

However, this time was clearly different. The raging lightning above the dark clouds was completely black, and it carried a destructive aura.

Even from a great distance, she could feel the palpitations spreading from it. It was like a nightmare, deeply settling in her heart.

But looking at Ye Changge’s calm expression, her heart eased a little.

Moreover, the power of the heavenly punishment enveloped the entire Azure Dragon Secret Realm and locked onto them. No matter where they went, they could not avoid it.

This was the most helpless thing.

In comparison, Chu Yueli felt that Ye Changge’s side was the safest place to be.

At this moment…

The lightning in the sky changed drastically. To everyone’s horror, they discovered that a huge eye had appeared above the clouds. A surging aura pervaded the air, and an endless murderous aura materialized.

They remembered that a booming voice resounded in everyone’s mind.

“The Heavenly Dao revolves, all things are revived, and the heavenly Great Dao of order cannot be defied!”

Every sentence seemed to carry an unshakable power, as if it wanted to annihilate everyone’s souls.

“This is the incarnation of the Heavenly Dao?” Ye Changge did not even have the chance to sp

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