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Chapter 251: Half-step Emperors. How Terrifying!

Shi Shan’s furious roar resounded in everyone’s minds.

The aura of a half-step Emperor was like a whirlwind that swept through the heavens and earth. It faintly suppressed the surrounding space, causing it to explode.

Everyone could not withstand this aura, and their bodies trembled violently. They were so scared that their hearts were about to explode.

Was this the aura of a half-step Emperor?

It was too terrifying.

The entire northern region was about to change. The Desert Sword Sect’s style of doing things was tyrannical to begin with, and some small sects had no choice but to submit to their tyrannical might.

Now that the elder Shi Shan had broken through to half-step Emperor, wouldn’t he be even more ruthless in the future?

The entire northern region would probably become the Desert Sword Sect’s possession.

Everyone could not help but look in the direction of the Heavenly Snow Palace. They wanted to know what they should do.

Everyone wanted to know how the Heavenly Snow Palace, which had always been able to keep the Desert Sword Sect in check, would behave this time.

Should they submit?

Or should they fight back?

Some of the sects and factions hurriedly walked up to Shi Shan with disgusting smiles on their faces as they flattered him.

“Congratulations, Elder Shi. You’ve become a half-step Emperor. It’s only a matter of time before you rule the entire northern region.”

“You’ve already become a half-step Emperor. It won’t be long before you become an Emperor and become an immortal.”

“That’s right. The Sky Fire Sect is willing to submit to the Desert Sword Sect and sweep away the obstacles in front of us.”

“The Tiangang Sect, the Blood Sword Hall, and the Fire God Sect are willing to serve the Desert Sword Sect… .”

Hearing everyone’s flattery, Shi Shan’s gloomy expression eased up a lot as he nodded his head without batting an eyelid.

“Everyone, don’t worry. If you all join our sect, you will definitely have a place in the northern region when you dominate it in the future.”

Although Shi Shan said this, he was filled with disdain in his heart. Some unqualified sects were also allowed to join his sect.

What he was doing now was just a temporary measure.

When the Desert Sword Sect really dominated the entire northern region, the first thing he had to do was to get rid of these small sects. Of course, he still needed these people to clear the obstacles in front of him.

There were some things that he did not have to do personally. He had to let these people bleed and risk their lives. By retaining the strength of his Desert Sword Sect, he could also achieve his goal, killing two birds with one stone.

The pitiful people who surrendered did not realize that they had become weapons in the hands of others.

At this moment.

Li Feng was turning green with regret.

Looking in the direction of the Hea

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