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Chapter 262: Powerful Constitution, Divine Beast Resonance

At this moment, Ning Manman was enduring unimaginable pain.

Her body was constantly regenerating and collapsing. If it was an ordinary person, they would have passed out long ago.

The intense pain was continuously transmitted into her soul, causing waves of tremors.

But she did not retreat. She gritted her teeth and persevered.

At the same time, the innate spiritual energy continued to nourish her bones and nourish her entire body.

As time passed, the ancient aura became more and more dense. It rose from her body and shot through the sea of fire to the sky.

“This aura…”

Ye Changge was still fine, but Chu Yueli’s heart was in turmoil.

This simple and unsophisticated aura actually made her heart palpitate.

One had to know that in the past, Ning Manman did not have a special constitution, nor did she exude this kind of pressure before.

But now…

Didn’t this mean that Ning Manman’s constitution had indeed undergone a heaven-shaking change?

In other words, the heaven-defying move of changing and upgrading her constitution had worked.

At the thought of this, Chu Yueli was shocked beyond words and could not calm down for a long time.

At this time, the others in the Azure Dragon Secret Realm also felt the overwhelming majesty and thought that some shocking treasure had come into being.

They all headed towards the sea of fire. They saw a huge array across the sky and endless spiritual energy was channeled into the sea of fire.

This vast scene instantly stunned everyone’s eyes.

They were all core figures of the various sects, so they naturally knew that this was not ordinary spiritual energy, but rather the innate spiritual energy that had disappeared for a long time.

It was also because of this that everyone’s eyes widened, completely shocked.

Although they did not know what was happening, none of them left, silently watching from afar.

With such a huge formation, they might be able to witness a miracle with their own eyes in a while.

At this moment, Ning Manman in the sea of fire had reached a critical moment.

This new body was emitting a dense light and an ancient aura. The Primal Chaos Fire Spirit Pearl had already fused with her body.

With the infusion of innate spiritual qi, his cultivation base was also rising rapidly. Tribulation Realm, Entry Saint Realm, Saint Realm…

Her aura grew stronger and stronger. The entire sea of fire churned under this aura, stirring up sparks that were a thousand feet long.

Soon, her cultivation base rose to the quasi-emperor level. Her speed continued without stopping.

Early-stage quasi-emperor, middle-stage, late-stage, perfection…

At the same time, the entire azure sky seemed to be covered by a sea of fire. It brought with it a scorching aura that swept in all directions.

Images appeared one after another as the sky was filled with multicolored

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