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Chapter 266: The Trump Card of the Heavenly Dao


The two powerful energies collided with everything in an instant, setting off a violent whirlwind that swept across the entire world.

At this moment, everything was reduced to dust in this whirlwind.

Countless mountains and rivers were shattered, and rivers were cut off. It was as if the entire Azure Dragon Secret Realm had turned apocalyptic.

This was only the aftermath of the attack, but it already had such a terrifying aura.

Everyone could not fathom it. If they were at the core of the power, they would probably turn into ashes on the spot.

However, even if the power leaked out, it was not something they could resist.

Seeing the endless power attacking, despair appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Although the protective spiritual barrier they had set up was powerful, it did not have the slightest ability to resist this power.

They had quasi-emperors among them and were considered the strongest experts in this world.

However, it was clear that they could not resist this heaven-shattering power at all.

They were in despair and had given up on resisting.

However, at this moment.

A mysterious stream of light suddenly enveloped them and protected them.

When the destructive power collided with the spiritual barrier, they could clearly hear a deafening explosion.

However, what shocked them was that the barrier only shook slightly, but it did not shatter.

This… They were stunned for a moment before they immediately reacted.

“This is the method of that mysterious expert. He saved us!”

“What… Right, only that expert has such terrifying power.”

“We’re saved. Thank you for saving us, senior.”

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were filled with tears. They, who were originally in despair, suddenly seemed to have grabbed onto the hope of survival, and their hearts became extremely excited.

All of them knelt on the ground, expressing their gratitude.

Ye Changge looked in their direction. After all, he was the one who had drawn away the heavenly punishment. These people did not provoke him, yet they were met with this calamity.

His principles were clear. When it came to the innocent bystanders, he would save them if he could.

In the sky…

The power that contained the law of force was too terrifying. At the moment when the two powers interweaved, it swallowed the pitch-black lightning.

Then, the power did not decrease. It carried the imposing aura of the lightning and directly blasted towards the direction of the Heavenly Dao.

At this moment.

The Heavenly Dao no longer had the imposing aura from before. Seeing the power coming, it could no longer maintain his calm.

This was the law of force that was ranked first among the three thousand Great Dao.

It possessed the power to destroy the world. Even the Heavenly Dao could not easily resist it.

After all, the Great Dao was the supreme existe

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