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Chu Yueli did not expect that her thoughts were so obvious.

But after thinking about it, she understood.

An expert like Ye Changge, what thoughts couldn’t he see through?

At this time, there was nothing to hide.

“Senior Ye, I want to invite you to our Heavenly Snow Palace,” Chu Yueli said seriously.

The array formation was on the verge of breaking. The elders of their sect tried all kinds of methods, but none of them could do anything.

Often in the dark of the night, the disciples of their sect would hear an angry roar coming from the array formation.

This voice had a strong murderous aura, which could affect the minds of cultivators. The entire sect was troubled by this matter.

“Oh!” Ye Changge listened to Chu Yueli’s explanation and waited for her to continue.

In fact, Chu Yueli was also a little embarrassed. Senior Ye had already done them a great favor, and now she had to trouble him to seal the array formation. It was a little too much.

But considering the situation, they had no other way.

If they really let this ferocious beast escape, it would be too late.

“Our sect has a sealing array that imprisons a beast. Right now, the array is getting weaker and weaker. We’ve tried all kinds of methods but to no avail.

“Therefore, we would like to ask you, senior, to add an array for our family. Our sect will definitely reward you handsomely.”

Actually, when she said this, she felt ashamed.

For an Emperor as powerful as him, the little things in their sect was really not worth mentioning.

Putting everything else aside, the value of an Emperor’s comprehension was higher than the value of their entire sect. Ye Changge had taken it out casually.

From this, it could be seen that the spiritual treasures in their sect were not worthy of his attention.

“A Taotie?” Ye Changge’s eyes moved.

A Taotie was an ancient fierce beast with the ability to devour the heavens and the earth. It was very terrifying.

These beasts had been extinct since a long time ago. Who would have thought that the Heavenly Snow Palace had imprisoned a Taotie-level fierce beast?

“Yes, senior.”

“It was said that ten thousand years ago, a fierce beast wreaked havoc in the Netherworld Sea. Dozens of experts from my sect finally defeated it after many days of battle. However, this fierce beast was too powerful and couldn’t be completely destroyed.

“Therefore, my sect’s patriarch sealed it in the Heavenly SnowPalace.

“Perhaps it was because it was too long ago, and now the sealing formation has been corroded. In addition to the ten thousand years, the strength of this ferocious beast was getting stronger and stronger. Our strength was unable to completely seal it. We could only increase the longevity of the seal.”

When Chu Yueli said that, Lu Yanqi also remembered that there were often angry roars coming from the mountain behind their sect.

And the frequency of the roars was getting faste

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