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Chapter 255: Master, You’re Finally Here

At this moment…

Ning Manman held the talisman between her fingers as she stared at the Shi Shan.

Although this talisman could negate the power of a half-step Emperor, its limitations were too great. Whether it was speed or strength, it was far from being able to catch up to a true half-step Emperor.

In other words, their crisis had not been resolved.

Chu Yueli was obviously aware of this situation. She stood beside Ning Manman and stared at Shi Shan, preventing him from making any sneak attacks. Her hope now was to use the talisman to scare him.

Time passed second by second, and the entire scene was silent. Everyone’s heartbeats could be heard clearly.

On one side was the elder of the Desert Sword Sect, and on the other side was the Heavenly Snow Palace.

The scene seemed to have frozen, and no one made a move.

At this moment, Shi Shan suddenly moved. His speed was extremely fast, and he rushed in the direction of Ning Manman.

As long as he caught the woman in front of him, Chu Yueli was nothing to worry about.

The moment he made his move, the talisman in Ning Manman’s hand was also thrown out, and it turned into a ray of purple light as it rushed toward Shi Shan.

“It’s just a mere talisman, how can it stop me!?”

The sound of thunder rumbled on the mountain, and a shocking aura suddenly erupted. It was like a huge wave as it violently smashed towards the direction of the talisman.

At the same time, a vast and mighty power erupted from the talisman.

The two powers instantly interweaved, releasing a dazzling light. The sound of thunder rumbled, making everyone’s heads shake, causing their eardrums to explode.

The shockwave alone caused countless people to die. The earth cracked and countless ancient trees collapsed. Then, this power swept toward the mountain in the distance.


With a boom, everyone discovered, much to their shock, that the giant mountain in the middle collapsed so easily.


“Oh my God, is this the power of a half-step Emperor? It’s too terrifying.”

“No wonder all those below the Emperor Realm are thought of as ants. Just this power isn’t something a martial artist can fight against. This is a disaster!”

“Did you think about how powerful that woman’s talisman is? How terrifying the person who refined it must be!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the voices of countless discussions stopped and it became deathly silent.

That was right. They were just amazed by the power of the talisman. They did not expect that the person who refined this talisman would be such a heaven-defying figure.

Perhaps, they did not dare to think about it at all.

The information contained in this was too terrifying.

After a long time, the smoke and dust that filled the sky slowly dissipated, revealing the true state of the battle.

Shi Shan and Ning Manman stood in the arena, maintaining their stanc

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