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Chapter 257: Chu Yueli’s Shock and Comprehension of the Great Dao

What was this?

She was shocked to find that the injuries in her body were recovering at an incredible rate.

The foundation of the Great Dao had already been damaged during the fight with Shi Shan.

Even the foundation of the Heavenly Snow Palace would need at least five to six years to recover, and it would require the support of countless treasures.

Some of them were precious treasures. One had to know that the foundation of the Great Dao was the foundation of a cultivator. If one were to be injured, it would be extremely troublesome.

However, she did not expect that the other party would be able to recover from his serious Dao injuries in just a few breaths.

At this moment, she was extremely shocked.

She looked at the man who had suddenly appeared with shock and respect in her eyes. This was Ning Manman’s master, the legendary Great Emperor.

Why was he a legend?

Because Great Emperors had not appeared in the northern region for tens of thousands of years. Before she saw the truth, everything that had happened in the past was just a guess.

But now, she began to believe that a single gaze could suppress a half-step Great Emperor, and a single finger could heal his injuries. Other than a true Great Emperor, she could not think of anyone else in this world who had such an incredible ability.

At this moment, she did not have the slightest doubt that the mysterious man standing before her was an immortal being that could suppress all eternity, an Emperor-level expert.

Not only that, under that mysterious light, his strength was so close to her.

In her mind, a mysterious ball of light appeared, and it was still surrounded by a sky full of light. Just a single glance was enough to make Chu Yueling’s heart and soul tremble.

The sound of the Great Dao resonated, and the air was filled with divine energy.

He could not help but raise her soul with it. At this moment, four simple words appeared — comprehension of an Emperor.

Seeing this, her entire body could not help but tremble. This was the comprehension of an Emperor.

With this, she would be able to take fewer detours. Becoming an Emperor in the future would be a piece of cake.

It could be said that because of this, their Heavenly Snow Palace would become the strongest sect in a single leap. They would even have the courage to try to become a top-tier world.

However, although she was happy, she quickly realized that this was all given to her by the man in front of her. She had not forgotten about that.

Perhaps this was something that he could do as he pleased, but if it was directed towards the entire Heavenly Snow Palace, it would be a huge favor.

At this thought, Chu Yueli bowed deeply to Ye Changge and said sincerely, “I, Chu Yueli, thank you on behalf of the Heavenly Snow Palace, senior, but this is too valuable. We can’t accept it.”

“It’s fi

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