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“Can Ning Manman withstand the change in her constitution?”

Chu Yueli looked at the raging sea of fire with worry in her eyes.

The power of this sea of fire had been accumulating for tens of thousands of years, and it was extremely terrifying.

Even standing here, she could feel the powerful power contained within, not to mention entering!

Even with her quasi-emperor cultivation, she had no choice but to activate the spiritual energy protection to resist the rising heat.

Ning Manman was only at the Boundary Breaking Realm, so could she really resist the sea of fire?

“Everyone’s forms are fixed. Modifying one’s physique is going against the heavens. If it were anyone else, they would definitely die.

“The Heavenly Dao will send down heavenly punishment. Even if they are lucky enough to survive the sea of fire, they will still die under the heavenly punishment.”

Ye Changge’s expression was indifferent as he explained to them.

Just like when he cultivated and modified his physique, he had attracted the heavenly punishment. The entire sky was covered by the heavenly might. If he had not acted in time, he might have died on the spot.

As he had not made sufficient preparations, Ye Changge had paid a great price in order to resist the heavenly punishment.

However, after experiencing it a few times, he was getting more and more proficient. He had already reached the point where practice made perfect.

Even if the heavenly punishment descended again, he would not be afraid at all.

The formation that covered this part of the sky was used to block the heavenly punishment. Moreover, this was the Azure Dragon Secret Realm. It could be considered a small world, and the heavenly punishment’s sensing ability was not that strong.

The heavenly punishment had descended?

Chu Yueli’s expression changed in shock, and her heart kept palpitating.

The power of the heavenly punishment was extremely terrifying. It was the most majestic power in the world that imposed balance, and it was infinitely terrifying.

Since ancient times, how many almighty experts had been reduced to ashes by the power of the heavenly punishment.

For example, changing one’s physique, such a heaven-defying fate-changing matter, was so serious that the heavenly punishment was hundreds of times more powerful than it was for ordinary cultivators.

If that was the case, Ning Manman would be in danger.

She did not know if the man in front of him could resist the power of the heavenly punishment.

“Don’t be afraid. This Heavenly Dao’s perception has already been concealed.”

Looking at their anxious expressions, Ye Changge said indifferently.

Even if the divine punishment was to descend, with Ye Changge’s current strength, he could easily destroy it. There was nothing to be afraid of.

However, there was an easier way to achieve his goal, so he was too lazy to make a move.

And this array formation was what he ha

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