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Chapter 263: Chaos Fire Body

At this moment, Ning Manman opened her eyes.

All of a sudden, two fiery lotuses that contained the might of the Great Dao flashed and disappeared. They gave off a powerful and imposing aura that had existed since ancient times.

Slowly, her body seemed to be summoned and she appeared in the void.

The four divine beasts turned into a stream of light at this moment and drilled into the center of her brows, turning into four strange petals.

The strange phenomenon in the world became even more intense. Three thousand Great Daos appeared, like a flowing golden river, flowing endlessly under his feet.

Ye Changge looked at Ning Manman in the Void, and his expression twitched slightly.

“This time, it seems to be taking a little too big.”

Originally, he wanted to help her transform into the Chaos Fire Spirit Body first, and when he encountered better resources in the future, he would improve his constitution even better.

The level of this world was too low. Even if it had the ability to overturn the heavens, it would not be able to achieve perfection.

It was impossible to improve his constitution, which was something even the Heavenly Dao was afraid of.

However, this would also bring down heavenly punishment, which was why the Isolation Spirit Array was set up.

However, even this spirit array would not be able to stop it now.

This was because Ning Manman’s constitution was not the Chaos Fire Spirit Body that he had expected. Instead, it was the even more heaven-defying version of the Chaos Fire Spirit Body.

This sort of constitution was an extremely high existence even in those top-tier worlds. Even when compared to the ancient sacred physique, it was not the slightest bit weaker.

He did not expect that the constitution that he had casually created would actually be such a heaven-defying constitution.

This was a little ridiculous.

Ye Changge sighed softly. Even if one’s ability was immensely strong, there would still be trouble.

As soon as he finished thinking that, the dense heavenly punishment arrived.

The endless black mass of calamities broke through the barrier of the Azure Dragon Secret Realm and directly descended onto this small world.

The mighty majesty swept in all directions, like a sea of clouds hanging down from the nine heavens. The pressure made everyone go numb, and their entire bodies trembled. They wished they could kneel down and submit directly.

“Didn’t you say that you’ve already deceived the heavens? Why is the heavenly punishment still descending?”

Chu Yueli looked at the tribulation clouds that were gathering in the sky and looked at him with a grave expression.

This heavenly punishment was extremely unusual. Just the aura it emitted was something that she could not defend against.

Not to mention the Heavenly Dao lightning that was about to descend.

This was the true adversary.

At this moment, Ning

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