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Chapter 265: The Law of Force, the Great Dao Divine Fist

However, in the next moment…

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock.

Before the pitch-black lightning could even get close to Ye Changge, it was shattered into pieces and turned into wandering energy.

The air instantly fell into a dead silence.

“Is this how terrifying an Emperor is?”

“You have to know that this isn’t the lightning from before. This is the lightning that destroyed the world. It’s hundreds of times stronger than the lightning from before, yet it disappeared just like that.”

“Maybe we can really survive this.”

“Wait and see. This is only the first round. I feel like the Heavenly Dao can’t be that weak!”

Although everyone was suppressed to the point that they could not move, they could still communicate.

Their gazes were all focused on the black-robed young man in front of them. Although his figure was so tiny compared to the Heavenly Dao, in the eyes of everyone, he had become incomparably tall and mighty.

At this moment…

“You should try receiving a punch from me as well!” Ye Changge’s long hair billowed in the wind as his aura erupted, engulfing the entire area.

Then, he raised his right hand, causing a dense light to explode out, illuminating the entire space.

He threw a punch in the direction of the Heavenly Dao, causing the space to vibrate.

With Ye Changge as the center, circles of ripples spread rapidly in all directions.

This attack contained energy that even space could not withstand. A boundless void appeared, releasing terrifying spatial turbulence.

Although they were not facing the Heavenly Dao’s attack directly, at this moment, their hearts were about to jump out of their chests, and nervous sweat drenched their backs.

At the same time, the Heavenly Dao’s lightning also descended.

The power of dozens of bolts of lightning, along with an aura of destruction, directly propelled down from the tribulation clouds. The two rays of light instantly collided, and a powerful energy instantly exploded out.

It was as if the world had exploded.

Endless shock waves swept out in all directions. The surrounding space shattered, and countless mountains instantly turned into ash. Even space could not bear the impact of this power and turned into pieces.

Soon after, a powerful devouring power swept out from within. It was like an ancient beast opening its ferocious mouth and devouring everything around it.

Ning Manman and the others were in an isolation barrier set up by Ye Changge to resist this terrifying devouring power.

However, the others were already suppressed by the Heavenly Dao’s power. They were completely unable to resist this devouring power and were directly sucked in.

There was a terrifying gust of wind. It was extremely domineering. Even quasi-emperor realm experts would be torn to shreds if they fell into it.

What was even more terrifying was that there was no spiritua

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