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Chapter 252: Shi Shan’s Arrogance


At this moment, a trace of blood dripped from the corner of Chu Yueli’s mouth. She had been seriously injured during the attack just now.

Lu Yanqi turned pale with fright. Her face was filled with anxiety. “Master, how are you?”

She was really afraid, but not for herself. She was afraid that the entire Heavenly Snow Palace would be in danger.

If the Desert Sword Sect attacked the Heavenly Snow Palace soon, would they have the strength to fight against Shi Shan?

After all, half-step Emperors were too strong.

“It’s okay, I’m fine.”

Chu Yueli suppressed the boiling blood in her body and waved her hand.

She looked coldly at Shi Shan.

Although she looked calm, waves of shock rose in her heart. The power of a half-step Emperor was indeed terrifying. From the fight just now, she had already discovered that the gap was like a chasm.

Even hundreds of peak-stage quasi-emperors might not be a match for a half-step Emperor.

Moreover, no one in the entire Heavenly Snow Palace could find a peak-stage quasi-emperor. Although their sect had a deep foundation, it was not so easy to become a quasi-emperor.

Even if they had a strong foundation, they had only nurtured a dozen or so.

These were their core strength.

Once they lost them, the Heavenly Snow Palace would collapse in an instant. There was no doubt.

When she thought of this, a deep worry rose in her heart. It was obvious that she had already thought of what would follow. With the Desert Sword Sect’s character, it would not be long before a storm of blood would erupt in the northern region.

“Hmph, Chu Yueli, today is different from the past. In the past, you were always high and mighty. Now that you’ve suddenly become my defeated opponent, how does it feel?”

Shi Shan’s face was filled with joy.

In the past, not only did the juniors fight, but the elders had also sparred with each other when some benefits were involved.

Among them, Shi Shan had once been beaten up by Chu Yueli until he had peed his pants and fled back to the Desert Sword Sect in a sorry state. He had even been mocked by the other elders for this.

Now, he was finally able to hold his head high.

Only after becoming a half-step Emperor did he truly understand the benefits that power brought to him. He was deeply infatuated with it.

In the previous clash, he had only used 30% of his strength and was able to defeat the Heavenly Snow Palace’s favourite being, Chu Yueli. In the past, he would not have even imagined that this would be a possibility.

But now, he had done it.

“If you surrender to the Desert Sword Sect, I can let you live. You’ll still be an elder. After my sect exterminates all the factions and becomes the overlord of the northern region, your status will rise as well. You’ll have a much brighter future compared to the Heavenly Snow Palace.”

Shi Shan voiced his offer.

His expression wa

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