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The origin of the Heavenly Dao was ultimately still the composition of power.

In the world, as long as it was power, the law of force was their ancestor.

No matter what kind of power it was, it was included. Even the Heavenly Dao and the Great Dao were made up of the smallest element of power.

Otherwise, the law of force would not have occupied the first place among the three thousand Great Dao, and suppressed the other Great Dao.

This was what the so-called breaking through ten thousand Daos with one force meant.

In less than a few breaths’ time, the origin of the Heavenly Dao was completely strengthened and became a part of the law of force.

Moreover, with the addition of the origin of the Heavenly Dao, this fist that was suffused with green light became even more terrifying.

Although its momentum was not as powerful, no one dared to underestimate its power.

Ye Changge looked at the meagre heavenly axiom and revealed a trace of disdain.

‘It was too easy to think of using the heavenly axiom’s origin to purify my attacks.’

If it was any other energy, it could really be assimilated. However, this was not ordinary energy. Instead, it represented the law of force that could ignore all obstacles.

At this moment…

The heavenly axiom was truly panicking.

Even its trump card was no match for this power.

It could not escape either. In terms of power, it was also at a stalemate. It was truly caught in a dilemma.

Helpless, it could only watch as this power crashed heavily towards it, but there was not the slightest bit of resistance.

What was even more tragic was that a trace of its origin energy had been assimilated by Ye Changge’s power. Now was the time for it to weaken.

To everyone who was watching, this made it seem as if the heavenly axiom had given up on resisting.

However, it was obvious that this idea had been given up as soon as it was born.

If the heavenly axiom gave up, it would be impossible for it to descend to this world at the beginning.

A more reasonable explanation was that it no longer had the strength to resist Ye Changge’s attack.

With this thought in mind, intense light burst forth from everyone’s eyes. This meant that they had a glimmer of hope.

After all, no one wanted to die if they could actually survive.

While they were pleasantly surprised, they were also shocked. Ye Changge’s abilities had exceeded their understanding.

Even the Heavenly Dao was a match for him.

Could this be the terrifying might of an Emperor?

They were actually wrong. Even an Emperor was not this terrifying. However, Ye Changge was different. He had comprehended the law of power within the laws of the Great Dao.

He could easily crush any power that came his way.

No matter how strong you were, he could break it with a single punch. He was unstoppable.

Furthermore, Ye Changge’s terrifying might did not stop there. Other than the law of force withi

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