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Chapter 247: Recovering the Cultivation of an Emperor

One had to know that the Desert Sword Sect cultivated the strongest sword techniques, so their attacks were very powerful.

Of all the attacks, the sword was the most lethal. It had unparalleled destructive power, and it focused on killing.

Compared to other techniques, their combat power was at least ten times that of others. With the same combat power, they had a natural advantage, and they could injure their opponents to the greatest extent.

For example, the disciples of the Heavenly Snow Palace cultivated the Frost Phoenix Records of the glorious era. The true qi of ice released by them could freeze a thousand miles away, which was considered a large-scale attack.

The cultivation techniques of the two sects had their own strengths and weaknesses. However, this could not be denied that the Desert Sword Sect was terrifying.

They were all a bunch of lunatics.

Ning Manman directly bought a folding fan and put it into her storage space. The owner of the counter watched them leave with a smile and quietly wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

The Desert Sword Sect and the Heavenly Snow Palace were both first-class powers. They had the position of overlords in the northern region, so they were not someone he could afford to offend. Fortunately, his background was not simple.

Otherwise, just the might just now would have already made him fall.

On the other side.

After Lu Yanqi and Ning Manman left, they directly went towards the direction outside the city. Just now, her master had sent a voice transmission, saying that he had found a clue outside the city and wanted them to meet up.

Just as they left, a sinister gaze secretly paid attention to them. It was Li Feng.

“Leave the city? That’s what I want!”

Li Feng picked up the voice transmission stone and said something, revealing a sinister smile.

At this moment, Ye Changge did not find anything valuable after walking around.

Just as he walked out of the myriad treasures chamber of commerce, his body slightly swayed, and his face turned slightly pale.

“This can’t go on!”

The injuries that he had just suppressed had relapsed.

Moreover, this time, it was even more intense. It was like a violent hurricane that tore at his meridians, bringing waves of piercing pain.

In the past few days, although his cultivation base had mostly recovered, the spatial tunnel’s turbulent wind had been suppressed in his body, and he had not refined it.

It was better to refine it first. Otherwise, it would be like a time bomb that would explode at any time.

As for Ning Manman, she was not in any danger at the moment.

After all, she had her own spiritual brand on his body, and the soul fire had not been extinguished yet. This proved that she was still safe.

After leaving the city gate, Ye Changge went straight to a cave and began to refine the spatial turbulence in his bo

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