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What kind of cultivation base did this woman have? Peak of the Entry Saint Realm or Boundary Breaking Realm?

Lu Yanqi fell into deep thought!

At this moment…

The onlookers were dumbfounded.

Li Feng of the Desert Sword Sect was just sent flying.

Moreover, he was sent flying in front of Shi Shan. Shi Shan was extremely protective of his disciples and was famous in the entire Desert Sword Sect.

Now that his personal disciple had been publicly humiliated, it was not just about him. It was about the pride of the entire Desert Sword Sect.

More importantly, Shi Shan’s cultivation base was at the peak of the Quasi-emperor Realm. Not only was he still comprehending the heaven and earth phenomenon, when he woke up a moment later, he would stir up a storm of blood.

Who had the courage to attack in front of Shi Shan?

Everyone turned to look at the woman beside Lu Yanqi. Ning Manman’s expression was calm, and her face betrayed no emotion at all.

“Oh my God, who is this person? She attacked so swiftly!”

“I don’t know. She’s standing beside Lu Yanqi. Could she be from the Heavenly Snow Palace? I’ve never heard of her before.”

“No matter what, the Desert Sword Sect has relied on their status as a large sect to act tyrannically over the past few years. Now, they’ve finally received their retribution.”

“That’s true, but when Shi Shan wakes up, this woman will be in danger.”

The crowd discussed animatedly, discussing the plot that was about to unfold.

The Desert Sword Sect would definitely not give up. Shi Shan’s temper was still the same. This woman’s situation was extremely dangerous.

Although this woman stood with Lu Yanqi and had Chu Yueli’s protection, if Shi Shan were to go crazy, no one would be able to withstand the fury of a peak quasi-emperor.

Moreover, with their status, they represented two sects. There were many things involved behind this.

Perhaps, because of this matter, it had escalated into a conflict between the sects.

Lu Yanqi clearly understood the importance of this matter. Although the Heavenly Snow Palace was not afraid of the Desert Sword Sect, if this led to a war between the two sects, it would not be worth it.

Not to mention that the current situation was critical. No one was willing to start a war at this juncture and let others take advantage of it.

The only way was to leave this place as soon as possible.

Lu Yanqi looked at Ning Manman with a complicated expression and voiced her thoughts.

“Sister Lu, I appreciate your kindness. Don’t worry, nothing will happen!”

Ning Manman smiled.

Her tone was full of confidence, and Lu Yanqi was surprised. Although she did not know what she had to rely on to block the anger of a quasi-emperor, she still tried to persuade her.

“Sister Ning, Li Feng isn’t scary. The thing is that his master has a cultivation base at the peak of the quasi-emperor realm…”

She did not finish her words. She was tr

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