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Chapter 274: Chu Yueli’s Face Turned Red

At this moment, behind the mountain of the Heavenly Snow Palace, Ye Changge did not collect the Taotie’s spiritual imprint.

Thus, a mini version of the Taotie was suspended in mid-air, causing the other elders to be filled with eagerness.

This was the recognition of an ancient ferocious beast, yet it did not recognize its master as soon as possible.

They were all anxious.

If they had such an opportunity, they would not hesitate at all and would recognize their master directly.

It was impossible to refuse.

The entire mountainside seemed to have fallen silent. Even the sound of heartbeats could be heard.

And at this time…

Bai Ao Xian looked at the indifferent figure, her eyes revealing a look of respect. This was a true powerhouse.

With just one move, he could release a powerful aura. No matter how trapped he was, it was not a problem for him.

Perhaps, only with this mentality could she break through the limits of this world and reach the peak of a true powerhouse.

Taking advantage of the opportunity just now, she had already browsed through the memories in his mind.

The more she looked, the more shocked she became. The insights she had subverted her thoughts on martial arts. She had always viewed cultivation from another angle.

However, this was clearly explained.

This was a huge favor.

As for the cause and effect, Chu Yueli had already told her through voice transmission. She could not help but sigh. The fates were so kind to them.

If they had not saved Ning Manman’s life, they would not have gotten this opportunity. It was as if everything was destined.

Now, she suddenly remembered what his master had told him before. Her ancestor had said that the Heavenly Snow Palace would meet a noble in the future.

From then on, they would walk towards the peak.

Just as she was thinking, a green stream of light stopped steadily beside Ye Changge. It was Ning Manman.

“Master, you were looking for me.” Ning Manman had just received Ye Changge’s voice transmission and immediately rushed over.

At this time, without waiting for Ye Changge to speak, the Taotie’s two big eyes first sized up Ning Manman.

It wanted to see what this person’s cultivation level was. If this person’s cultivation level was not very high, it was barely acceptable to acknowledge her as its master.

After all, it was a high level beast and had no choice but to lower its head.

But suddenly, it discovered a cruel fact.

It actually could not see through this woman, which made its heart instantly tremble.

“I caught a pet for you to play with. See if you like it!” Ye Changge looked at Taotie behind him.

Ning Manman had noticed this big guy just now. She shook her head and rejected it without hesitation.

“It’s too ugly. I don’t want it.”

In fact, his idea was very simple. If its master did not want it, it was definitely not a good thing.

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