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Li Tu was shocked.

The rest of the people were also shocked. They looked around and were ready to fight.

They had experienced that the demon beasts in the desert were all powerful and bloodthirsty creatures. They were not afraid of death.

If they were delayed, all of them would die here.

Moreover, from the sound of this voice, it wasn’t just a demon beast. It was like an army of thousands of horses surging forward in a mighty manner.

“It’s army ants!” Ye Changge frowned.

This was a type of demon beast that lived in groups. Although its individual combat strength was not very high, it was extremely difficult to deal with.

It was difficult for the prey that they had their eyes on to escape from their pursuit unless they could kill all of them. However, this obviously did not conform to reality.

Although there were billions of these ants when they moved out, they were like a moving jungle. They were the most troublesome existences.

Then, they saw a scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

At the corner of a distant hill, red and black ants gathered together and crawled toward them. The cracking sounds became clearer and clearer.

These ants were not ordinary ants. They were the size of a thumb, and the pieces protruding from their mouths were very sharp, like pairs of large pincers.

Under the reflected sunlight, Li Tu and the others all took a deep breath. Their eyes were filled with deep shock. They had no doubt that these large pincers could easily tear their skin and crush their bones.

Instantly, they all panicked.

The only one who could remain calm at the scene was Ye Changge. He could easily deal with these creatures that were difficult to deal with for others.

As everyone knew, as long as they were ants, no matter how big they were, they were afraid of one thing.

It was “Fire!”

Fire could burn everything and burn the heavens.

It was just a mere army ant. It was too easy to destroy them.

Now that his strength had almost recovered, he could use the demonic fire spirit to release flames. He could just throw a ball of flames in and watch the show.

These flames were not ordinary flames. They were spiritual flames that existed between heavens and earth. They had extremely tyrannical power. If the host’s strength was strong, even space could be easily destroyed.

Needless to say, these army ants would be like cotton puffs coming into contact with fire and they would instantly turn into a sea of fire.

Although these army ants were fast, compared to other demon beasts, they had a huge flaw.

They did not have high intelligence.

Even if there was a bottomless abyss in front of them, they would still choose to jump down without hesitation.

Only the ant king level ants here would have normal intelligence levels, but it was not too high either. It was equivalent to the intelligence of a human child.

If there was no ant king, Ye Chan

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