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Ye Changge did not tell them his true realm.

Emperor experts had already shocked them to this extent.

If he told them that he was not at the Emperor realm, but a god that was even more terrifying than Emperor, who knew what they would think?

After all, in this world, Emperor was already the highest existence.

Only in those top-tier worlds would several gods be born.

This was because in low-tier worlds, even the spiritual qi of the entire world could not support the energy consumption of a single god and would exhaust the resources of a world.

“Senior Ye, how exactly did you cultivate to be so terrifying?”

Li Tu recalled that he had cultivated for countless years before reaching the Tribulation Transcendent Realm, and he himself knew the difficulty of it.

However, Senior Ye was already a god that everyone dreamed of at such a young age. The gap between them was too great.

It was really infuriating to compare people.

It had to be said that Ye Changge’s straightforwardness had dealt a blow to everyone’s mind.

Ye Changge smiled faintly and did not answer them. Could it be that he directly told them that this was a talent that they could not learn?

Actually, the reason why his cultivation speed was so fast was not only because of his own talent, but also because he had a bug that allowed him to cheat. The system!

This was his greatest trump card.

What was a mere Emperor? Even if it was the god realm, it was not the end point for him.

At this realm, Ye Changge was already very clear that there were many worlds in this universe, and among them, the God Realm was not the focus of martial arts.

His goal was definitely not to just become a god, so he would work hard.

There was still a long way to go, and there was no end to learning. With the existence of the system, he was destined to be a favored son of heaven who would reach the top.

Of course, even without the existence of the system, Ye Changge was confident that he could reach the peak.

The system only helped him speed up the process.

Without a doubt, after knowing that Ye Changge was an Emperor, he almost could not control the excitement in his heart.

After all, he had saved an Emperor’s life and obtained a good karma.

It could be said that from then on, he had a very close relationship with an Emperor. This was equivalent to obtaining a gold medal of exemption from death in the future.

With an Emperor backing them, who would not respect them? Even those powerful sects and forces had to seriously consider it.

Whether or not he could withstand the wrath of an emperor.

Of course, he knew his own limits and would not spread the news around the world. Not only would that not be beneficial, it would also incur Ye Changge’s dislike.

This was not worth it.

After this, he would tell his brothers that no one was allowed to tell anyone about Ye Changge.

Because, Li Tu thought of another problem.

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