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Chapter 230: The Li family of the Northern Region

This was a red-yellow desert. The wind howled all day long, filling the sky with yellow sand. The whistling of the wind seemed to carry a hint of a chill.

In such a desolate place, one could not even see a human figure.

All that could be perceived was the endless whistling wind.

There were no trees here, and the harsh environment made it difficult for the plants to survive.

Only the yellowish weeds could survive in this desolate land.

Under their short leaves was an unimaginably developed root system, meters of long roots cutting deep into the ground in search of precious underground water.

The desert herders called them hallelujahs, meaning divine.

These hardy plants were the most common plants in the land.

A strong wind blew across a patch of pale yellow wild grass in the desert, and the wild grass bent down.

It looked vague, but a pitch-black figure was revealed in the grass.

The figure’s clothes were rather tattered, and his body was covered in blood. The tip of his nose showed that he was breathing very weakly. If it were not for the fact that his chest was still rising and falling, perhaps everyone would have thought that he was a corpse that had been thrown into the desert.

The corpse that was covered in blood suddenly trembled after a long beat of silence.

Soon after, his tightly shut eyes slowly opened a little.

Hearing the sound of wind whistling by his ears, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up into a bitter smile.

Just where in the world did this cross-realm teleportation array teleport him to?

The figure that seemed to be a corpse was precisely Ye Changge, who had escaped from the cross-realm teleportation array.

When he had thrown the space ship into the teleportation array on the other side, his cultivation had already dried up. Just as he was about to take some pills to replenish his spiritual energy from his interspatial ring, he encountered a spatial storm.

If he dared to use his interspatial ring in the spatial storm, the entire interspatial ring would completely collapse.

It was only after his physical body had been ruthlessly abused by the spatial storm that he was spat out like trash.

At this moment, due to his body being ruthlessly destroyed by the crazy spatial strength, the injuries Ye Changge’s body sustained were quite serious.

He did not even possess the strength to stand up. It had been nearly a day since he was spat out.

During this one day, he lay here like a corpse. He slowly absorbed the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth. After which, he carefully nourished his greatly damaged body.

His finger moved his interspatial ring with great difficulty. A medicinal pill appeared in a flash. After which, Ye Changge slowly placed it into his mouth while his body trembled.

Ye Changge’s body immediately felt an intense pain after completing this task, which w

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