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As soon as they reached the city gate, they saw a city wall that was a thousand feet tall. On top of it was a black plaque — Northern Imperial City.

The three large words exuded a mysterious ancient charm. This was definitely the work of the Emperor.

In other words, in the history of the Northern Imperial City, there had once been an Emperor.

Entering the city gate, the streets were crowded with people and merchants. There were martial artists, alchemists, and swordsmen, and they were all busy.

The pace of this world was very fast. If one wanted to gain a foothold in this world where the strong ruled, one had to constantly work hard to increase one’s strength.

Only in this way could one follow this era and not be left behind.

“Senior Ye, we’re going to the Wang family. I wonder whatyour plans are, senior.” Seeing that they were about to part, Li Tu was a little reluctant.

The mission they had accepted this time was to deliver something to the Wang family. As for what this thing was, they did not know.

“I might stay here for a day and then go back,” Ye Changge said indifferently.

Ning Manman had yet to be found, so he chose to search the northern capital. After all, the location of the spatial tunnel was not fixed.

There were no fixed coordinates, but since he was in this area, she could not be too far away.

It should not take long for her to discover his whereabouts.

“Senior Ye, we don’t know when we will meet again today.”

Hearing ye Changge’s words, Li Tu’s eyes were filled with desolation, but he quickly understood.

A talented person like senior definitely had to do something big.

How could he stay in this small place forever? Moreover, all good things had to come to an end.

He comforted himself silently. When the others saw that they were about to part, they also seemed a little reluctant.

During this period of time, Ye Changge’s personality and charm had deeply moved them. As an Emperor, he did not act high and mighty. Not only was he handsome, but his personality was also forthright.

He was completely different from those high and mighty Emperors.

However, they were very clear that Ye Changge’s strength was too strong. What he had done was also beyond their imagination. It was impossible for them to stay together forever.

Seeing this, Ye Changge took out a piece of jade from his body and handed it to Li Tu. He said, “This piece of jade has my voice transmission mark on it. I can receive it even if it is hundreds of millions of miles away.

“If there is anything that can not be resolved in the future, feel free to send me a voice transmission.”

Li Tu stretched out his hand to receive this piece of jade. He felt as if it weighed a thousand kilograms, and his mood became turbulent. This was not an ordinary jade.

There was a voice transmission array inside, which was used to send messages. It had the owner’s spiritual imprint. He had many such jade ston

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