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Chapter 233: Using Flame to Oppose the Enemy, Shocking Everybody

Ye Changge stood calmly between heavens and earth, calmly looking at the fearless army ants, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

The army ants were still crawling forward and backward, as if they were not afraid of the flames in his hands at all.

They were still marching forward and backward.

Their spirits were not worth mentioning, but it was too stupid.

More importantly, they should not have provoked him.

‘Since you guys are courting death, then don’t blame me.’

The reason why he did not make a move at the first moment was for the queen ant to see. After all, the queen ant of the army ants already had a good intelligence and knew how to avoid harm.

Now that she did not make a move to retreat, it meant that she meant to eat her prey. She already made up her mind from the looks of it.

Then he did not need to hold back.

Originally, he had thought that if deterrence was useful, there would be no need for him to make a move. Now that his injuries had not fully recovered, he would not make a move if he could avoid it.

Ye Changge’s line of sight passed through the layers of space and directly met the ant queen’s gaze. Then, he slowly lowered his hand.

The ant queen still did not make a single move.

The movement of the army ants was still as swift and fierce as before. Just as they were about to charge forward once again, there were quite a number of army ants in the air behind the army.

From the ground and in the air, they surrounded them from two different dimensions.

Ye Changge had also lost his patience. Since that was the case, they would just have to bear his terrible wrath.

Following his movements, the flames were thrown forward. They were magnified in the air, releasing a powerful aura. The temperature had even risen by over a hundred degrees.

From a great distance away, Li Tu and the others could feel the scorching temperature. It was as if they were in a large furnace.

This power…

He was completely stunned.

He had originally thought that he had overestimated the power of this explosion.

However, it seemed like he had seriously underestimated it. From the aura of this explosion, even an entry saint realm martial artist could possibly die here.

Needless to say, these lowly ants could easily destroy them.

The other members of the convoy were also stunned.

The aura released by the flames in the sky was too potent. Even the space itself was rippling, as if it could not withstand the counterattack of this power. It was as if it would shatter at the very next moment.

Under this aura, their entire bodies were under immense pressure. Their legs trembled as they were about to fall.

They knew that Ye Changge did not do this on purpose. It was because their cultivation was too weak. They would not be able to withstand even the slightest aura from the flames.

It was also be

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