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Chapter 241: The Seal of Heaven and Earth, the Might of an Emperor

Ye Changge did not say anything. Demonic beasts of this level did not interest him at all.

As for Li Tu and the others, they looked at the arrogant demonic bear without any fear.

The army of ants that had just arrived had already been killed by them.

All of them had been wiped out, and they could not be any more dead.

With a god like Ye Changge, they were not worried at all about what this Entry Saint Realm demonic bear would do.

With a true Emperor here, what was there to be afraid of.

Let alone an Entry Saint Realm demonic beast, even a quasi-emperor demonic beast would be wiped out with a wave of a hand.

It was just an Entry Saint Realm demonic beast. It was really not enough.

“Lowly human, did not you hear what I said?”

Its mind was filled with doubts.

Then, its thick body changed and turned into the appearance of a human. It had a thick beard and bulging muscles. It was very ferocious.

These humans were only middle three realm martial artists. The highest one was only at the initial stage of the Tribulation Transcendent Realm, which was a whole realm lower than him.

If it were anyone else, they would have long been scared out of their wits. But why did these people not seem to be afraid at all?

Could it be that they had some kind of backing?

Ye Changge was also very helpless. Since when did a demonic beast of the Entry Saint Realm dare to provoke him?

However, this demonic bear did not reveal any killing intentions. Perhaps it was attracted by the spiritual essence that he emitted, thinking that it was some kind of heavenly treasure that had appeared.

Soon, he understood.

This was also the reason why he did not make a move.

Otherwise, the might of an Emperor would not be violated.

Furthermore, Ye Changge was not an emperor, but an existence even more terrifying than an Emperor. He was a true god.

He would have long made the demonic bear vanish into thin air.

The demonic bear did not know that it had almost lost its hope of survival.

“You are not afraid of me at all!” The demon bear, Barth, frowned.

It still could not understand what was going on. Could it be that they really had something to rely on and were not afraid of it.

Thinking of this, it also kept an eye out.

“As long as you hand over the things here, I can let you go.”

It felt that this was already a great gift.

But as soon as it finished speaking, Li Tu and the others could not hold it in any longer, and all of them laughed out loud.

This demon bear was really too funny.

It was simply reckless. Fortunately, it did not do anything out of line, or else it would have already entered the cycle of reincarnation.

They all understood.

This demon bear must have been attracted by the strange phenomenon in the world, but this was not some kind of spiritual treasure at all.

What did you want t

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