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The others all knelt down on one knee as well. Many of them were indebted to Li Tu, and they were like big brothers.

They were truly happy that Li Tu could break through the shackles of the past few years.

All these years, they knew how difficult it was for Li Tu. He had been stuck at the peak of the rebirth realm for many years, and he had never been able to break through.

This had almost become a worry in Li Tu’s heart.

But now, with Senior Ye’s help, this worry was completely mitigated.

“It’s just a small matter. Don’t take it to heart.” Ye Changge’s fingers moved slightly, and an endless force lifted everyone up.

Li Tu was even more shocked. One had to know that he had already broken through to the tribulation realm, and his strength could be said to have increased by a hundred times.

However, under this force, he actually did not have the slightest ability to resist.

Looking at Ye Changge now, he still felt as if a dense fog had enveloped his surroundings. He could not see everything clearly.

This discovery could be said to be earth-shattering.

It could not be seen when he was at the rebirth realm. When he advanced to the Tribulation Transcendent Realm, he would have his own domain. He would faintly touch the edge of the Dao, and the power of his soul would become even greater.

However, the more it was like this, the more he was shocked to discover that Ye Changge’s surroundings were so unreal. They seemed to exist, but also seemed to be nothing at all.

Just what realm was he at?!

Just as he was deep in thought, the other subordinates swarmed over and surrounded Li Tu to congratulate him.

These were his trusted aides. They had many years of friendship and all of them treated him as a brother.

They had followed him for many years and had suffered a lot.

But it was different now. He had broken through the tribulation boundary and could be considered an important person in the family.

This group of brothers could also live a good life.

Of course, all of this was exchanged for by Ye Changge. At the same time, he was also glad that he had saved him at that time.

Perhaps this was his opportunity.

But no matter what, Li Tu would always remember this great favor. He would never forget it.

“Brother Li, Congratulations. You’ve finally broken through to the Tribulation Transcendent Realm.”

“In this way, Brother Li, your influence in the clan will be even greater. You’ll definitely be able to enter the Elder Council.”

In the Li clan of the northern region, other than the clan leader, the most powerful force was the Elder Council. It could be said that once you entered the Elder Council, you were the core figure of the clan.

Whether it was power, status, or resources, they could not be compared to what was happening now.

Huge benefits awaited him.

With Li Tu’s talent, after a hundred years, his cultivation would advance to the next level, or perhaps

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