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Seeing Ye Changge’s actions, Lu Yushu was somewhat surprised.

The backup moves he had prepared were actually not put to use.

As long as Ye Changge was interested in being arrogant, Lu Yushu was confident that he would be able to deal an unforgettable injury to him.

He had seen many geniuses, and they were all people who crossed realms to challenge and win like it was nothing.

Back then, he had also faced an opponent two levels higher than him, and he dared to look down on them.

However, Lu Yushu also knew this outcome. As long as he made a mistake, he could sustain serious injuries from small moves, and he could even die.

From then on, Lu Yushu no longer dared to look down on any opponent.

Even if it was just a small level higher.

This time, the sect leader of the Inner Demon Sect was like this.

If it was not for his caution, he might have been defeated.

However, when facing an enemy with a cultivation level lower than his, Lu Yushu was in a good mood. For example, today, Ye Changge made him admire him very much.

He would still play with him.

Although he did not use his full strength.

But for someone who was two major realms lower than him, this was already a very impressive move.

“You’re very good.”

Lu Yushu praised him. It was rare for him to have the heart to cherish talent.

Relying on his own cultivation to be able to cultivate all the way to the godly spirit realm at such a young age and still be so cautious, Lu Yushu seemed to have seen himself in him.

Once again, he took the initiative to recruit Ye Changge with a very sincere expression.

He had even repeatedly promised that he would not make things difficult for Ye Changge. He would definitely treat his subordinates equally and fairly.

As long as one had the strength, then the next sect master position would be his.

Lu Yushu would absolutely not interfere too much.

Ye Changge was too outstanding to dare to give such conditions.

It was not like he had not seen a deity who could take a blow from his own hand.

But it was either a treasure trove of self-defense, or a proud disciple of an ancient sect with a supreme heritage

Ye Changge now did not show any of these characteristics.

Just by the strength of his own ascetic then.

It was not easy.


Ye Changge still refused his offer.

An enemy was an enemy. There was no way around it.

Moreover, he did not offer Ye Changge anything special, even though he would not agree to it even if he did gave it to him.

However, if he wanted to rely on drawing him to his side, to make him go against his principles and surrender to the enemy, Ye Changge suspected that Lu Yushu’s brain was not very good.

Perhaps because he had been in a high position for many years, Lu Yushu felt that it was already an amazing thing that he was willing to lower his status. Ye Changge should be grateful and quickly kowtow to show gratitude.


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