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Chapter 231: A Strange Voice

“Brothers, be on your guard. As long as we reach the Northern Imperial City, we will be safe.”

Li Tu shouted.

The northern desert was the largest desert in this region. It was known as the land of death.

This place was filled with yellow sand. There were no plants living here, let alone water sources.

What was even more terrifying was that you never knew when a demonic beast would appear from the ground beneath your feet and devour you.

For example, the bloodthirsty ants, gale wolves, death worms… They were all extremely terrifying.

Even martial artists of the middle three realms would be faced with death if they were even slightly careless.

Therefore, they had to pass through this place as soon as possible and leave this damned place.

The others responded one after another and braced themselves as best as they could. It was obvious that they also knew how terrifying this place was.

“Brother Ye, you really surprised me!”

Li Tu’s eyes were filled with shock, and his heart was in a state of shock.

At the beginning, he had truly known how serious Ye Changge’s injuries were. In less than a day, he had already recovered to this extent.

It was too terrifying!

This terrifying self-healing ability, even an upper three realms expert could not do it.

Could it be that he was a god spirit realm expert?

Thinking of this, Li Tu was even more surprised. One had to know that his Li family of the northern region was also a well-known force, and there was no such expert in the clan.

And this young man in front of him looked delicate and pretty. He was not very old, but he was actually so terrifying.

Of course, perhaps he was overthinking.

“It’s nothing, my constitution is good.”

Towards Li Tu’s surprise, Ye Changge was clear in his heart, and he did not intend to hide it.

Since he was not anxious, Ye Changge would not take the initiative to say it.

After all, the world was full of dangers that were too unknown.

“Brother Li, the Northern Imperial City is ahead. I wonder what plans you have.”

Li Tu was quite interested in the young man in front of him.

He had appeared in the northern desert and suffered such serious injuries. At first, he did not have much hope that Ye Changge would be able to survive.

However, the result was clearly beyond his expectations.

This also strengthened his inner thoughts. This young man was definitely a powerful cultivator.

Although there was no terrifying aura coming from his body, and he could not see the specific martial arts realm, he was just as ordinary as ever.

However, he had a vague feeling.

The strength of this young man was beyond his imagination.

One had to know that those who could become the leader of the escort mission were not simple people. With his cultivation at the peak of the rebirth realm, he could not see through Ye Changge’s cultivation.

This was also the r

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