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Chapter 221: The Traitor, Mo Yun

“Yun ‘er… What are you talking about?”

Mo Wu’s voice was trembling. As a god, he suspected that there was something wrong with his ears.

His favorite grandson, who was usually extremely respectful, actually secretly invited the supreme elder of the Inner Demon Sect?

What did he want to do?

What did he dare to do!

Mo Wu was a little flustered. He was a one-track-minded person who was accustomed to using force to solve problems.

His figure was like lightning as he rushed in front of Mo Yun and grabbed his collar.

“What did you do behind my back?!”

Mo Wu’s expression was angry and panicked. He felt that the situation had gone beyond his control.

Mo Wen began to cower like a turtle, remaining silent at the side.

The eldest brother, Mo Xue, continued to look around, looking for traces of the Inner Demon Grand Elder.

Mo Yun’s expression was the opposite of theirs.

Wanton and crazy.

“Where is he… he is in the bottom of your heart! My good grandfather, why don’t you try circulating your cultivation technique?”

Mo Wu’s eyes were filled with terror. He had pushed all the way to the godly spirit realm and he had encountered all sorts of situations. If it was not for Mo Yun’s words…

He had only been plotted against by someone. He had been plotted against countless times from the Qi Cultivation Realm to the Godly Spirit Realm. He had cultivated all the way until today.

There was not the slightest bit of fear in his heart, even if that person was the supreme elder of the Inner Demon Sect.

Even if he was still in the dark and did not show himself.

Mo Wu’s heart did not feel the slightest bit of panic because of him.

On the contrary, it was his grandson, who had always been respectful and filial, who had frightened him.

Was he alone? He was usually so respectful, gentle, and filial.

He did not look like the same person at all.

It must have something to do with the Inner Demon Sect.

Mo Wu said coldly, “Zhao Nan, what did you do to my grandson?”

The cultivation techniques of the Inner Demon Sect were all ways to play with people’s hearts. Mo Wu guessed that his grandson’s condition must have something to do with this demon sect.

Mo Wu knew that the supreme elder of the Inner Demon Sect, Zhao Nan, was nearby.

He hid somewhere and secretly looked at Mo Yun.

When Mo Yun heard his grandfather’s words, he was grabbed by his collar. He did not panic and laughed maniacally, “What are you saying? My good grandfather, he didn’t do anything!”

After saying that, he laughed willfully again.

Mo Wu did not speak. His eyes were lowered and he was silent.

Ye Changge was also listening to Mo Ling’s thoughts. He knew that there might be people from the Inner Demon Sect lying in wait. Moreover, Mo Ling would be fine for the time being, so he planned to lie in wait for a while.

He would wait and see.

The first one who

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