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Once she felt that she was safe for the time being, Mo Ling explained her current situation silently.

“Big brother Ye, my father has kidnapped great-grandfather, my two grandfathers are working together to deal with another person. What should I do now?”

Following behind Mo Ling, Ye Changge, who had hidden near the Emperor’s palace, was constantly paying attention to Mo Ling.

If her life was in danger, Ye Changge planned to make an early move.

When Mo Yun kidnapped Mo Ling just now, he did not have the slightest killing intent, so Ye Changge did not want to expose himself.

After thinking for a while, Ye Changge secretly sent a message, “Take out the things in the interspatial ring, then run back to the inn to find Ning Manman.”

After saying that, Ye Changge also ran a few miles out of the palace, afraid that his spiritual senses would be extracted by the stone egg.

Mo Ling listened to Ye Changge’s instructions and immediately took out the mysterious stone egg from her interspatial ring.

She threw it out and immediately ran out without looking back.

Mo Ling listened to Ye Changge’s words and planned to go to the inn to meet up with Ning Manman.

Along the way, the effect of the talisman did not disappear. The ordinary guards did not find any trace of Mo Ling.

And the stone egg that Mo Ling threw onto the ground attracted the gazes of everyone present.

Everyone thought in unison:

What is this thing? Where did it come from?

Just as everyone was still puzzled, the terrifying stone egg’s power was revealed.

A strange vortex seemed to have appeared on stone egg’s shell.

A terrifying suction force filled the entire area.

Originally, Mo Wen and Mo Wen had relied on their tacit understanding to use their divine senses to easily defend against Zhao Nan’s attack.

However, after this strange suction force appeared, in an instant, the balance of the situation was broken.

Originally, Mo Wen had used the secret technique he had obtained by chance to continuously attack and harass Zhao Nan, forcing him to attack without his full strength and use his clone to defend.

Zhao Nan’s attacks were all neutralized by Mo Wu’s control of his divine senses.

The two brothers worked together and had a very tacit understanding in both offense and defense, blocking all of Zhao Nan’s attacks.

However, as soon as the egg appeared, Mo Wen, who had the strongest divine abilities, was instantly sucked dry of his divine energy.

In an instant, the sharpest sword of the two brothers was broken.

How could Zhao Nan let go of such a good opportunity?

He immediately went all out!

He was attacking Mo Wen with fatal blows.

Although Zhao Nan did not know what the current situation was, he knew that Mo Wen, the main force of the two brothers, had lost the ability to fight!

It was time to kick the person who was down!

Zhao Nan’s left hand held the Inner Demon Banner, and his righ

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