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Chapter 246: Li Feng’s Hatred

“I’ll give you 1,500 purple crystal coins. I want this folding fan!”

Li Feng took out the purple crystal coins and threw them on the table as he looked at Lu Yanqi provocatively.

Since Lu Yanqi was here, the people from the Heavenly Snow Palace must have arrived as well.

If he could test out the other party’s strength, he would have a better plan to deal with them in the treasure hunt.

The appearance of the Azure Dragon Secret Realm this time caused clouds to move in all directions. Everyone wanted to obtain the secret of becoming an Emperor and increase their own strength and the strength of their sects.

One had to know that Emperors were existences that suppressed the ages. As long as there was an Emperor in their sect, they would be able to achieve a qualitative leap.

In the northern region, there were over a hundred sects of all sizes. The Desert Sword Sect and the Heavenly Snow Palace were both extremely powerful existences. The highest combat strength in their sects was at the peak of the quasi-emperor realm.

It could be said that whoever obtained this secret in the secret realm would become an Emperor and the overlord of this region.

Lu Yanqi knew what Li Feng was thinking, but she did not back down at all. “Li Feng, don’t go too far. Other people are afraid of your Desert Sword Sect, but my Heavenly Snow Palace is not a pushover that you can crush at will.”

She stared coldly at Li Feng, her body suffused with a cold aura.

These years, the Desert Sword Sect had been getting more and more outrageous. They had been tolerating them everywhere, but they did not expect that not only did they not restrain themselves, but they had actually become even more aggressive.

When they had just set off, their sect master had already instructed them that if they encountered the people of the Desert Sword Sect again, they did not need to hide anything and would directly start fighting. If anything happened, the sect would take the blame.

This time, she had come to the Northern Imperial City for the sake of the Azure Dragon Secret Realm. She did not want to cause trouble, but it was obvious that she could not avoid it.

Although they did not cause trouble, they were not afraid of trouble.

Li Feng was a little surprised when he saw her reaction. In the past, when they encountered people from the Heavenly Snow Palace, they were not so domineering.


In just a moment, he understood.

The arcane realm this time determined the future of the sect. It was likely that their higher-ups had given the order, which caused their attitude to be abnormal.

Even so, the huge contrast caused his mood to take a turn for the worse. It was as if the people who were previously obedient to him had dared to provoke him.

At this moment, Li Feng’s sense of superiority was instantly torn to shreds. He was about to ridicule her.

At this moment, an ice-cold voice came f

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