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Chapter 236: Li Tu’s Despair? Heavenly Tribulation!

Mutated lightning tribulation?

Ye Changge was a bit surprised. He did not think that Li Tu’s talent would be so outstanding. He had the potential of an Emperor.

From ancient times until now, there had been countless talented people who had died under the lightning tribulation.

This was just an ordinary lightning tribulation, but it was already so terrifying.

In history, there was another type of mutated lightning tribulation that was even more terrifying. It was hundreds of times more terrifying than ordinary lightning tribulations.

In the long river of history, those who were able to attract mutated lightning tribulations all had amazing talents.

In the end, they all became experts.

Of course, when Ye Changge advanced, he had also attracted mutated lightning tribulations. Moreover, it was the most terrifying type.

The higher the level of the lightning tribulation, the more terrifying and dangerous it was. However, at the same time, as long as he successfully endured it, the rewards he obtained would also be very tempting.

Although Li Tu had attracted an extraordinary lightning tribulation, this level of lightning was completely incomparable to Ye Changge’s.

However, compared to an ordinary person, it could be considered pretty good.

If Li Tu was able to withstand the impact of the lightning, he would at least become an Emperor.

Such an achievement would be considered pretty good if attained in a certain world.

It would not be so easy to break through to a higher realm, such as the godly realm.

Apart from talent and diligence, luck was also the most crucial factor.

The others all found the lightning tribulation in the sky very attractive. They did not expect that the lightning tribulation would be so terrifying. Each lightning tribulation was more terrifying than the last, especially the last two. They were practically capable of destroying one’s soul.

Even though they were separated by Senior Ye Changge’s protective spiritual barrier, they still felt their souls tremble.

Ye Changge had done this on purpose. With his strength, it would be too easy for him to completely cut off his aura.

However, being able to feel the heavenly punishment in advance was immeasurable for their growth in the future.

“Senior Ye, will anything happen to Big Brother Li?”

“This lightning tribulation seems to be too terrifying, and it’s a little different from ordinary lightning tribulations.”

Seeing that the lightning tribulation in the sky was not descending for a long time, these people were on the edge of their seats. It was too terrifying.

If they were to personally feel this kind of majesty, they probably would not even have the courage to fight back.

Cowardice before fighting was a great taboo in martial arts.

If one wanted to become a powerhouse, one had to have a fearless heart. Only then would one be able to

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